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This mod disables the automatic quest start for Tunnel Snakes Rule.

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I don't like quests that starts automatically so I've made 2 minor changes to this Creation Club mod.

How it is handled vanilla
The quest would start immediately after leaving Vault 111 or after loading a save game. The radio signal can be heard from anywhere in the Commonwealth.

What I changed
To start the quest, you have now 2 options. One option is to listen to the radio signal to start the quest. The other option is the go into a certain room with a ghoul and a terminal (you know which one I mean if you've played the quest) and this triggers the quest Tunnel Snakes Rule (even if you didn't listened to the radio signal). The quest objective that tells you to listen to the signal will be completed if you interacted with the terminal even if you did'nt listened to the signal.

And the other change is to the radio signal. I edited it so that you only can hear it in the near surroundings of the location where the quests takes place. If you don't walk by you don't notice that you have installed Tunnel Snakes Rule.


Just use your favourite mod manager. The installer works with Nexus Mod Manager and should work with Mod Organizer.
If this is your first mod you may want to watch the tutorial from Gopher to get started. If something should still be unclear, just drop a comment and I would be glad to help you out.

In the included installer you have the choice to select between ESP and ESL file format. Furthermore, you can select the plugin language (currently supported are English and German).

If you already started the quest this mod wont have an effect on your current save game.

You can uninstall this mod while you have the Tunnel Snakes Rule esm active in your load order. It wont break anything. The quest won't start automatically even after unistalling this mod. To start it, simply listen to the radio signal or head to the place where the quest takes place.

Load Order

If you install this mod in ESP format, place it early/high in your load order. If you want to use the ESL version, load order doesn't matter (it's always 254 like any other ESL plugin).

Incompatible mods

Creation Club Tunnel Snakes Classic 10mm No Vendor Inject from bretton
I had to edit the same quest. To make them compatible, simply use FO4Edit to drag and drop my edited record into his mod. It's just a matter of 1 click and will take 2 seconds to do so. If you need help with it just leave a comment and I'll give you a hand.

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Those are 5 awesome mods and works flawlessly!