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Samus Aran PowerSuit from the game series Metroid.

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Samus Aran Powersuit.

This mod introduces in the world of Fallout, the powersuit Samus Aran is wearing during her battle against the space pirates and the Metroids in the Nintendo videogame series Metroid.

All models and textures in this mod have been made from scratch using 3dsMax, Photoshop, NifSkope, Material Editor and Outfit studio.

This is not a power armor or common armor, so there are no body parts, meaning the suit covers the entire body including the hands, only the helmet is a separate part.
Despite being a suit and not an armor, the Powersuit gives some good protection against ballistic, energy and radiation.Armor lining is also available to add more protection.
The Suit allows you to wear vanilla armor parts as it only uses cloth slots, however you will have a lot of clipping unless you use a mod like concealed armors to make the armor invisible.
The PowerSuit comes with a helmet which has its own modifications.
The suit also comes with a separated Jetpack which has its own modifications too.
The jet pack is made to be worn with the PowerSuit and give the effect that it is integrated with the suit but it is in fact invisible and takes one slot (54).
If you wear the pack alone you'll just see flames going out of your back.
All models have World models and can be droped on the floor.
The suit is bodyslide compatible.
The suit is female only.

You can make the suit in the Chemlab providing you have the required perks.

The mod allows you to change the suit and helmet appearences to match different suits from the video game series,but these are not only cosmetics as each variations gives you different stats or buffs. To get the mods go to the armor workbench.

The Suit:

LV1 Suit: the simple suit from the beggining of SuperMetroid, no Buffs. This is the suit you get at the chemlab.
Varia Suit: 40% protection against fire and radiation.
Gravity Suit: +1 endurance and 50% reduction fall damage.(Using this with the Jetpack RFD mods nullify the fall damage as you're wearing a power armor.)
Dark Suit: Great protection against radiation.
PED Suit: +15% speed bonus.
Phazon Suit: 50% protection against radiation and poison.
Fusion Suit: +1 charisma and +2 Intelligence.

The helmet:
Simple material swap with no buffs for the helmet to match the suit colors, however you can decide if you want to have a recon sensor or a targetting Hud attached.

The jetpack:
Flight modes: Switch flight on or off.
RFD modes: Reduced Fall Damage modes, allows you to reduce fall damage by 25 or 50 %. Best used with the Gravity suit.
The jetpack is equipped with an auto AP regen buff which means your AP are not drained during flight.

There is an optional file for people who just want to fly around with their suit and forget about the stats.
Everything is the same except there are no buffs or requirements to get the materials.

Install with NMM or drop the content of the archive in your fallout directory.

Do not upload this mod anywhere as it contains assets from other authors.

Recommended mods:
these are not required but add lots of buffs to the PowerSuit.
Jetpack overhall:
Will allow you to be propelled like a rocket, vertically or horizontally.Great mod.
The Metroid jetpack is optimized for this mod.

Armorsmith extended:
If you want more weave protection.

Concealed Armors:
If you want to wear armor pieces over the suit but don't want the clipping.

Special thanks to Niero who gave me permission to use it's jetpack script. Thanks a lot.
Nintendo for creating the Metroid franchise.
Bethesda for making fallout 4.
Ousnius for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio and Material editor:
Murielkai for Material swap tutorial:
All the Nifskope team.
The people on the Nexus for the support.