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A not so short tutorial on creating material swaps using the Fallout 4 Creation Kit.

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A not so short tutorial on creating material swaps using the Fallout 4 Creation Kit. If you want a tutorial that uses FO4Edit ty Material Swap Mod Tutorial - FO4Edit Tips, which is actually what I watched myself to learn to do this just a few days ago. I thought someone might benefit from having a Creation Kit version and wrote this mainly for myself, since I will most likely forget it all in a few months. 

I have no intention of being a martyr and trying to answer limitless questions so this tutorial is provided "as-is" and you have to use your brain to extract the essential from the non-essential and make use of what you find here for your mods. Oh, and I haven't fully proof read everything so feel free to comment if I made spelling errors.

If you find this tutorial useful then endorse it!


In the tutorial file I have included a reference version of Jetpacks FAO v2.0 that is an example of what it looks like before preparing it for conversion, a tutorial version where the mod has been prepped and is ready to load into the Creation Kit for the material swap creation, and inside the tutorial folder is a finished .esp that can also be used for reference. Do NOT activate more than ONE of the Jetpacks FAO.esp's at a time in either Fallout 4 or the Fallout 4 Creation Kit or you'll really screw the pooch.

If you know a little already you may be able to skip most of the tutorial by just loading the "finished" version of the .esp into the CK and following this order when making the forms/entries: