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A city plan for use by the Sim Settlements Rise Of The Commonwealth mod. This plan is for Echo Lake Lumber in the Far Harbor DLC.

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A city plan for Echo Lake Lumber.  This plan chews fps on my system so beware!:) (Though my system dates back to 2013 apart from gpu!)
At max there are 18 settlers, Idek's Logistics Station is built at level0.

The designer's choice for this city plan requires:
Contraptions, Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop, VaultTec, NukaWorld DLCs;
IDEK's Logistics Station, Ruined Homes and Gardens, SimHomestead, Sim Settlements Mega Pack Year One, Wasteland Venturers 2 All-in-One add-ons;
Industrial Revolution expansion for Sim Settlements.

Required mods is turned off, so the plan _may_ build nicely without these:)
You will need to turn off 'Respect Build Limit' to build this city plan.

Scrapping at the four Far Harbor settlements is just plain weird, Bethesda seem to have done these settlements differently somehow.  It may be necessary to immediately refresh the city once level 0 builds.  Or not.  This city plan is made using the tools provided by the Sim Settlements and Transfer Settlements mods, I am not a code monkey:)

This also means that you need to loot everything you want from here, once the city starts building any loot will be scrapped.