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A Sim Settlements City Plan for use with the expansion Sim Settlements - Rise of The Commonwealth.
Unlike my previous version, this is designed for vanilla versions of Longfellow's Cabin - no border extending mods used.

Permissions and credits
It has been pointed out to me that my naming convention inside the 7zip files leaves something to be desired vis a vis updating to newer versions.  After some thought I have decided to reupload with a different naming style.

Designer's Choice requires:
JibsResidential, Brae's Defences, Sim Settlements  - IndustrialRevolution, Ruined Homes and Gardens, SimHomestead, Wasteland Venturers 1&2, IDEK's Logistics Station add-ons.  DLC required are Far Harbor, Contraptions, Vault-tec and Wasteland.
Level 0 has a Logistic's Station.  The esp version of IDEK's Logistics is
needed for automatic building until a future patch of Sim Setllements. 
If using the esl then select the plan manually.

Note: during the build of level0 scrapped items can be seen popping in and out of
existence.  This does not seem to happen between higher level

At level 3 there are 19 settlers, eight interior residential plots and two factories.

Due to some quirk possibly due to being a settlement in a DLC, level0 of the plan breaches the
build limit; unless you alter the build limit you cannot build anything
yourself.  Sim Settlements holotape provides a way to do this.

There is very little clutter to keep fps issues at bay; unfortunately the definition of clutter includes such things as sawhorses, so if you turn clutter off, things resting on such items will appear to float in mid-air!