Fallout 4
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About this mod

Brings F4 the true HDR glare it deserves!

Permissions and credits
Have you ever looked at the Fallout 4, and thought to yourself: "It's a great game, but why are the lights that supposed to be turned on, don't glow... like... at all?" Well, I did, and so I decide to go on a painstaking adventure of fixing EVERY SINGLE LIGHT MESH to give them higher emissive value. Sadly, the game uses a very bad bloom shader called “single-pass bloom”, which is unable off presenting any kind of high light value because of the nature of the very small blur that single-pass bloom provides. In order to overcome that, YOU WILL HAVE TO USE ENB WITH THIS MOD. Currently, that is the only solution to get a proper multi-pass bloom working in Fallout 4.

THIS MOD REQUIRES ALL DLCS. No, I won’t make Vanilla version.

1.0 – Initial Release
1.1 – The .esp plugin has been reworked by the amazing Ablaze666, so that now there shouldn't been any previs conflicts at all. NIF edits and fixes are deffered until the next update. Here are some notes from the author of that .esp:

--- Differences between the old and this version ---
Every object which contains your edited meshes AND is part of the PreVis system was placed as a new reference in cells/worldspaces.
That way the game loads precombined meshes and on top of them it loads the references from my plugin.
So basically the game loads those references twice and use your edited meshes on top of the precombined meshes.
what's better:

- no PreVis data was edited
- no vanilla record was edited
- better compatibility with mods that edits cell meta data like light values, music types or cell names
- better performance
- no bugs like disappearing shadows or the visual glitches at prewar Vault 111

what isn't better:

- Z-Fighting is still the same

what's worse:

- mods which edits the same references in cells would need a patch now (like 'Enhanced Lights or Effects')
- the problem is, you won't see a conflict in xEdit because the references from my plugin has new FormIDs
- if a mod disables a ceiling lamp, this ceiling lamp will be there again; if a mod moves/rotates a ceiling lamp, you'll see them twice
  (a patch could be made with using the edited PreVis data from the old plugin for a particular cell and delete the new references I placed to save some time)

In other news, Clean ENB has also been updated:
- Added second lens texture for the lens shader that is now being a default,
- Changed some adaptation values, to keep it from reactic too much to harsh light,
- Adopted to the new ENBSeries
- Added new version of MartyMcFly DoF
- Some other minor tweaks.

The mod have been very thoroughly tested, if you have problems\crashing, I’m 99% sure it’s not this mod fault. That being said, the method I used to create this mod can cause some z-fighting issues, so please, make reports of such problems and I'll do my best to fix them.

Small portion of Workshop lights are not edited in the current version.

SCOLs meshes are not edited in the current version.

From time to time the yellow glowing lanters will start glowing pink, as if they were missing textures. You can fix that by reloading the game.

As for the load order, it seems that the best idea is to load the mod as early as possible, so reverse as most mods. That way, if you use other CELL editing mods, you won't have problems with broken PreVis.

First of all, the mod has been made possible with the use of somewhat experimental method of removing Ref forms from CELLs precombined records, to even allow the game to load the new edited meshes, rather than loading the baked version only (Kudos to Zilav!). It’s made to be as compatible as possible with other mods editing CELLs, but how will it work with mods like Beantown Interiors, or Lighting and FX enhanced, etc. needs to be better tested, per mod basis. As for the assets itself, It’s nothing but nifs edits,so it will conflict with any mods that directly edit those lights meshes, but I assure you that there aren’t much of them, this mod is very unique :P

Either use Mod Manager or manually unpack into your Fallout 4\Data folder and enable the .esp in the mods menu.

If you are experiencing such bug, here are some of the solutions:

Step 1 - ENB

- Make sure that you are running ENB. I cannot stress it enough; there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to not have that bug in vanilla game. ENB IS REQUIRED. To download it, head to this page: 

Then look at the left sidebar and click the download button:

There, you should see the list of all the games that ENB is made for. Obviously, we're interested in F4 version, so click on that:


Choose the latest (highest number version):

And then click the black download button to actually download the zip file:

From there, all you need to do, is to unpack the files into Fallout 4 root directory (Steam\SteamApps\Common\Fallout4). 

Step 2 - Bloom Amount

- Ok, so you got yourself ENB, and you do have ENB bloom enabled, but the square bug is still there, it just looks different. If that’s the case, one of the simplest solution you could try first, is to simply lower the bloom values of your preset in the ENB tweaking menu, by pressing SHIFT + ENTER, and opening the bloom tab, here:

or, in case of some more advanced ENB presets, edit the shader variables. To do that, first open the shaders windows here:

And then edit values in this box:

Step 3 - Shader tweaking

- If that didn’t help or you don’t want to lower the bloom amount, you could try editing the bloom shader, to let it do more blurring. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require extensive knowledge, all you need is notepad and some will to get that working (or you could simply download my edits from the optional files).

All you have to do is open the file enbbloom.fx in your root Fallout 4 directory (or, in some presets, in "Fallout4\enbseries", this folder takes higher priority over root files), and edit the line 174 (if you can not find it, use the search function and look for "scale", until you'll find the same line as in screenshot), so that the scale value is higher than the default "4". Be careful with it, higher values can cripple performance even on the most powerful GPUs!:

Step 4 – Clean ENB with Natural Gaussian Bloom

- If non of the above works for you, you could give my Clean ENB preset a shoot. It doesn’t touch the environment at all, it only enables the custom Gaussian Bloom and Kingeric1992 adaptation, otherwise it’s absolutely Vanilla friendly. It will override you favorite ENB preset though, so be wary. Hacking in the Gaussian bloom and Kingeric1992 adaptation to your already existing preset is not advised for not advanced ENB users. All you have to do to install it, is to unpack the file into the root directory of Fallout 4.

Jonwd7, Nifskope Discord Server - Helping me understand Fallout 4 modding more and more every day, thanks a lot guys!
Zilav - Huge, huge thanks for writing the amazing scripts that automates the precombined refs editing!
Ablaze666 - Reworking the .esp file.

Clean ENB:
Boris Vorontsov - ENB, original bloom shader
Wolrajh - 1.2 version tweaks
Modular Shader Library authors - saturation code
Roxahris - Gaussian/Kawase Bloom.
Marty McFly - DOF shader
kingeric1992 - Adaptation Shader