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This preset aims to bring out the natural beauty of the Commonwealth without making your computer melt.
Supporting presets for ALL Weather mods. Beautiful and Simple

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Hey everyone, this is a preset that I have had a lot of fun making. It's more balanced in color and it shouldn't hit your fps hard. I tried making the DOF close to how a natural eye would react.
I had 60 fps in most areas losing a couple fps in heavy fights in Boston - which happens no matter what so nothing much I can do there.

The aim of this preset is to bring out the natural beauty of the commonwealth, to bring more clarity and realism without sacrificing fps. I'm sure there are things that could be improved, I didn't go to every single location to see how the lighting was, but overall I am pretty happy about the end result.
Included in this preset is DOF, SSAO, Shadow Detail, Gaussian/Kawase Bloom, Adaptation, Cloud Shadows, Sharpening, 

I have tried to cover every weather mod on nexus I could find that had at least 1k downloads. If I missed something let me know

Endorse it if you like it! Thanks.

Please go to and download the latest Binary files.
Next you're going to want to open that up and drag and drop the .dll files into your fallout 4 folder.
Then drop in my files and boom, you're done.
Please remove any previous reshade or ENB before installing.

ENB makes the institute way too bright, but there is a fix for that! Go to PRC and in the misc files section there is a fix for it. It's called the institute patch for PRC, but it does work with all ENBs.  

I want to thank our amazing Patrons for testing and helping us bring this to Nexus, or else I never would have uploaded it.
David C
Ryan Clark

If you're having FPS problems for any reason I would recommend disabling SSAO, it will increase your performance. Just know that the game will seem a bit more flat.

Update 3.0
Update 3.0 brings a lot of tweaks and new features since FO4 ENB recently updated to improve SSAO performance and interlace.
I am still updating all the weather mod presets to 3.0 I also am using the games adaptation in the mean time while I work on my setting for that some more. The Institute is no longer blinding (yay). 
There aren't very many screenshots right now due to the fact it is 230 AM - NAC, Vivid Weathers, Polluted Climate, True Storms, Calamity Weathers, and Vanilla have been updated. I will shortly update the rest.
Also ENB Lights Overhaul is no longer a requirement and I designed this update without it.

If you want darker/more dramatic/realistic interiors use the Tweaked interior color and light file from Polluted Climate. I have tested it with True Storms, Vivid Weathers and regular vanilla - works well with any weather mod so far. You don't have to use the weather file with it. it's stand-alone.

Credits to
Boris Vorontsov for ENB
Roxahris for Gaussian/Kawase Bloom. 
Marty McFly for DOF shader
kingeric1992 for Adaptation Shader
Modular Shader Library authors for saturation code