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In this series, mole rats will have lorefriendly highquality textures with baked in AO (Ambient occlusion) as well as models that react to light much better, making it alot more realistic. Its compatible with any mod out there!

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Fallout Texture Overhaul Mole Rats

So, I had a look at the concept art and noticed that vanilla lacked lots of depth so I made sure to have it look as close as possible without edit the model and only change textures. I did then have a look at real-life mole-rats which had a leather texture on them, so I added that, which original didn't have neither. The mole rat I give you now, is how they are supposed to look! Enjoy!

What does this mod do and why should I use it?
No need to bother about those pesky low res mole rats anymore, now you can enjoy them without ripping out your eyes! 100% guaranteed satisfaction!

What this mod covers:
  • Physically correct diffuse that works with the normal to give the correct lightbounce.
  • Baked AO map on the diffuse to make realistic shadows where they are supposed to be.
  • Same color profile to maintain the default lore-friendly colors.
  • From 4K to 2K, you choose your eyecandy.

Feel free to post as many pictures you want and any comment and endorse is really appreciated.

Install: Use NMM or put in your data folder.

Compatible with any mod, as textures is compatible with everything.

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Realistic Conversations Fallout 4

This mod is made by Gorgulla and is ONLY allowed to be uploaded by Gorgulla on either Nexusmods or Bethesda.
If you find it elsewhere, IT'S STOLEN.
You are not allowed to change my mod and upload it as your own.