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About this mod

This is the biggest water overhaul that exists to date, it covers the water and all the liquid effects and also adds reflection to effects that didn't have any reflection before. It also covers the water-shader that is on objects when it rains.

Permissions and credits
Fallout water overhaul - FWO

What does this mod do and why should I use it?
If you're interested in better graphics and would love to make the water as good as possible then this mod is for you.

What this mod covers:
  • Water reflects the surface better.
  • Better liquid effects, everything from foam to caustics, even bloodsplatters
  • Normalized water color to look as real-life as possible.
  • From 4K to 2K, you choose your eyecandy.

Note: The bloodsplatter is only when you shoot the enemy, not the blood that is on the floor. Example is the ones in the gallery.

Feel free to post as many pictures you want and any comment and endorse is really appreciated.

Install: Use NMM or put in your data folder.

Compatible with any type of mod except water mods. Blood mods is compatible as well.

Known bug:
Creationkit engine has a bug where distant water lod is wrong, this happens in vanilla too, just for your information.

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