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A reanimation of the AS VAL/VSS 9x39 Project. Various nif/plugin/material changes/additions. Love this mod but a bit bored of it? This is for you!

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Not gonna waste a bunch of space here, this is primarily a reanimation of the 9x39 Project I'm sure many of you love. This started as a desire to redo the ADS fire animations to make the recoil feel similar to something like Escape from Tarkov, along with being much punch-ier, but I ended up doing an entire set for this beautiful gun. That means new run, melee, equip, and most importantly, reload. 

Along with the reanimation, I also made some adjustments to the materials, nifs, and plugin for personal taste. For the most part, stuff that is metal should look like metal, and stuff that is plastic/polymer will look like it. The issue was mostly cubemapping values and normal maps, understandable as this was one of the first big weapon mods for Fallout 4 and formatting wasn't widely known like it is now.

In terms of plugin changes, the big one the addition of significant recoil. I love this mod, but one big issue was the lack of recoil, so I added that back. It's not ridiculous or anything, but it's definitely there, and you can lessen it with the foregrip if you so choose. I also changed the handgrip and rail to both allow the foregrip or the bipod, so you don't have to choose. Lastly, I lessened the speed increase on the quick reload mags, it was kinda insane and made the anim look weird. I did not adjust any damage values.

I also may have added a few addition attachments, you'll just have to download and see!

If you wish to have just the animations without the plugin changes, you will have to copy over the zoom x and zoom z pos values from the val_barrel omod so that the ironsights are aligned, but I can't see any of these being controversial changes. I thought about adding SP6 and SP7 ammo as mod categories, but I figured that'd be a bit much. Plus you can't switch on the fly, so that's annoying. Let me know what you all think about that.

Anyways, I only spent a few days on this, so I may have caused/missed some crazy bug, but it's unlikely. Still though, if you all find anything weird not present in the original mod, let me know and I'll try to take care of it. Have fun guys.

Thanks to hyper and haru for allowing me to make adjustments to their mod. Tenoyl, tigg, sam61 for models and textures.

Further Credits

Animations: Ha_ru
VSS, VAL Models/Textures: Sam61
Tactical Attachments Models: Sam61 | Textures: Alex_I
PSO1 Model: Paul68Rageous | Texture: Millenia
Kobra Models/Textures: Millenia
Laser Sight, Magpul Model/Texture: Tigg
1PN93-4 Model: Sam61 | Texture: Alex_I
OKP-7 Model/Textures: madmax1539
Aimpoint Model/Textures: natelaurin
Magnifier Model/Textures: natelaurin
Mount Model/Textures: PayDay2
ACOG Model/Texture: Thanez
SpecterDR Models/Textures: IanSky
Barska/C-More Models/Textures: Odec3D
VSS Stand/Tripod Models/Textures: Oleg Perevalov aka netgoblin
Blue tape Model/Texture: VadSpi
Sounds: Navaro