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Adds a few new settlement pieces useful for building wooden structures.

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For whatever reason, there are a few meshes for settlement buildings left in the game files that never made it into the game itself, despite being fully functional and already set up to snap together with other pieces. A couple of them are actually really useful for making more complex buildings - additional door variations, an inwards corner for the sloped walls, and some more sturdy looking small walls.
This mod adds those unused meshes into the game, giving you more options when building your own settlements.

The full list of added pieces:

  • 2 Doorway variations
  • 2 Small Wall variations
  • 1 Wall End variation
  • 1 Flat-Roof Wall variation
  • 1 Bridge variation
  • 1 Floor variation
  • 1 Outwards Corner for angled-roof Walls
  • 1 Inwards Corner for angled-roof Walls

Version 1.5 Update

7 new building pieces! I recently learned how to add snap points to other meshes while working on another project, so I went back to add
in more of the unused settlement meshes to this mod. The full list:

  • 3 new Outwards Angled-Roof Corner variations (Including the previously unusable round corner seen on the wooden shack prefabs)
  • 1 new Inwards Angled-Roof Corner
  • 2 new Roof variations (One's a bit screwy when it comes to placement, mind.)
  • 1 new Wooden Railing variation

Compatibility patches have been added for Simple Intersection and Homemaker.

The Structures->Wood->Walls category has been subdivided to save you having to browse through more than 50 pieces at a time while building. An optional non-categorized version is available if you're a fan of tedium.

Fixed the bug where some pieces had no preview or resource costs in the in the workbench menu.

It's recommended you scrap any structures you have created with this mod before updating, else you might have problems with disappearing meshes that could lead to stability issues. If you're really paranoid I suggest scrapping your buildings, disabling the mod, making a new save, and then installing the update.


Extract the esp. file contained in the download to your Fallout 4/Data directory.
Ensure the line "sResourceDataDirsFinal=" in your My Games/Fallout4/Fallout4.ini file includes "MESHES\".
To enable the mod, either use a mod manager to select ExplandedSettlementBuildings.esp, or place "bEnableFileSelection=1" under [Launcher] in your Falloutprefs.ini and click below left of the power armor visor in the official launcher to activate the .esp from there.

If you're having issues, be aware that the latest patch for Fallout 4 automatically disables all mods when opening the game launcher. To get around it, either use a Mod Manager such as Mod Organizer (available here) or Nexus Mod Manager, or set your plugins manually in Users/%username/AppData/Fallout4/plugins.txt and set it to read only.


Comparability patches are available for Homemaker, to enable the full-length wooden walls, and for Simple Intersection to add the appropriate tags to the pieces added by this mod. Everything else should work fine, including SSEX, as far as I am aware.


Pieces may be a little finicky in terms of placement - for some, it can be helpful to place another piece down first and snap additional pieces onto them.

This mod was made in FO4Edit, should that concern you.