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In short, this mod replaces the looping firing sounds on most vanilla automatic weapon receivers with the vanilla semi auto firing sound. making things feel and sound quite a lot nicer IMO. This mod works especially well with any weapon sound replacers

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Not sure if this already exists, but after quite a bit of searching I couldn't find another mod that does this.

In short, this mod is a simple ESL that replaces the obnoxious looping firing sounds on (almost) all vanilla automatic weapon receivers with the vanilla semi-auto firing sounds making things feel and sound quite a lot nicer IMO. I haven't the slightest idea why this isn't a standard thing in vanilla considering this was absurdly easy to do.

This is very very lightweight and only changes the keyword mappings so it should be compatible with basically everything.

This mod works perfectly with any weapon sound replacers, although ones specifically designed to replace automatic sounds will no longer do anything, so keep that in mind

Other Sound Mods I'd Highly Recommend
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
Commonwealth Warfare - Explosions
Commonwealth Warfare - Realistic Gun Sounds and Bullet Cracks

I made this mostly for Horizon users since automatics are actually useful there and the sound that weapons were making when firing in single or short bursts was driving me insane.
Speaking of which, Horizon Weapon Pack addon here: Better Automatic Weapon Sounds - Horizon

- You can actually count your shots with automatic weapons without looking at the ammo counter
- Tap firing doesn't sound god-awful now
- The firing sound matches the actual fire rate of the weapons (what a concept)

I didn't touch the Minigun (I mean I could make a version that does if you like horrific audio clipping), Gatling Laser, Tesla Rifle, or the Institute weapons. Automatic Radium Rifle is WIP as it sound truly awful when changed to the semi-auto sound. Considering a few options to fix it.