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Replaces vanilla sounds with the sweet sweet music of combat!

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Commonwealth Combat
Realistic Gun Sounds & Bullet Cracks

I will now be considering requests to replace sound files of any ballistic weapon mod!
Starting with M3D's Sig Sauer P220 mod (Optional file available now)

This Mod replaces most Vanilla game sounds for ballistic weapons and also some distant weapon sounds. Not only that, this mod adds sonic cracks to bullets whizzing past ya skull!

This Mod Aims to improve realism and immersion by offering high quality weapon sounds carefully chosen to ensure that the sound perfectly fits the look and operation of the weapon. The combat rifle will now have a satisfying metallic clunk to it giving it a much more satisfying kinaesthetic profile (i.e. Blasting raiders will feel much better.)

The sole purpose of this mod is to remove any sounds that were not up to par, such as the weak sound of the combat rifle and unrealistic James Bond-esque sound of 'The Deliverer' which, let's be honest, sounds like a rip straight from Goldeneye on the NES. That was probably Intentional...

This mod Works Wonders with
 Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.

Why not check out my Explosions sound replacer mod?
Or my Clicker sounds from
The Last Of Us replacer for ghouls?

Use NMM to install or watch a tutorial on how to do it manually. 

Enjoy the mod and feel free to provide videos or unedited clips
so I can implement a demonstration video on the mod page!