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Adds a powerful beam katana to the game, in 1H or 2H versions. Comes with two methods of obtaining it, a challenging way (since the sword is, as stated, powerful) and an easy way. Multiple blade colors available, comes in new or rusty versions.

Permissions and credits
Hey, thanks for trying out my mod. This is my first mod ever, so I apologize in advance if I screw anything up. I'll try to make this easy to install, but if you run into any problems let me know on the Nexus. The sound effects the sword makes are customized from royalty-free stuff, so if you like them you can use them. If you like it, please endorse it. If you really like it, endorse and vote for me on File of the Month, if you want to. :D

If you like western-style swords, try my brother InfiniDragon's mod, the BOS-1 Lohengrin. You can find it at http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=44311. :)

The sword model and textures are 100% original, and not taken from any existing resource in Fallout or any other game. If you wanna add it to your own mod or modify it and post that modification on the Nexus or anywhere else, please just ask me. Thanks a lot, and enjoy.

1.02 (10/4/2011) - 1H and 2H versions are now in the same .ESP, no optional files to download. Weapon mods are active for both versions of the sword, and the weapon is now held in a sealed container rather than just sitting out in the middle of nowhere.
1.01 (10/2/2011) - Fixed the mesh pathing as I renamed the main sword mesh, and also shortened the range on the weapon a bit to make it fit better.
1.0 (9/25/2011) - First version, may upgrade with mod options later on.


Extract the .RAR file anywhere, say your Desktop for example. Open up the unzipped "ae86seiryuu" folder and locate the "Data" folder. Drag the "Data" folder into your installation folder, which is typically \Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\. Then, take one of the included .ESP files and put it into the \Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data folder. Open the Fallout Mod Manager (or whichever tool you use) and check the ESP, then launch the game.

The difference between the two? The .ESP "ae86seiryuu" puts the weapon, which is quite powerful, in a dangerous area befitting such a weapon. On the other hand, if you just want to get the sword quickly, the .ESP marked "ae86seiryuu_easy" will put it in the gas station in Goodsprings. Up to you.

Go into the fallout new vegas\Data folder, and delete the "ae86seiryuu" or "ae86seiryuu_easy".ESP file. Then from the Data folder, go and delete the folders marked "Seiryuu" from the folowing areas:

Weapon Meshes: Data\meshes\weapons
Static Meshes: Data\meshes\clutter
Weapon Textures: Data\textures\weapons
Static Textures: Data\textures\clutter
Pip-Boy Icons: Data\textures\interface\icons
Sounds: Data\Sound\fx\wpn

Gives you a rather powerful beam katana (or dai-katana), capable of disintegrating targets.

AE-86 "Seiryuu" (1H):
DMG: 50
DPS: 139
Reach: 1.5
Weapon Health: 1200
Weight: 5.0
Abilities: EMP - Bonus Damage against Robots and Power Armor

AE-86b "Dai-Seiryuu" (2H):
DMG: 75
DPS: 102
Reach: 2.0
Weapon Health: 1500
Weight: 10.0
Abilities: EMP - Bonus Damage against Robots and Power Armor

V.A.T.S. attack for both weapons is called "Dragon Roar" and does massive damage including a 7 second DoT (damage over time). Requires 50 skill in Melee Weapons to use, and takes 30AP for the 1H and 40AP for the 2H (does more damage).

The weapon mods are as follows:

Optical Amplifier: Increases DAM by 5.
Improved Battery: Increases Condition by 50%.
Titanium Parts: Increases attack speed by 25%.

All of them can be made at a Workbench with the right materials and appropriate skill level.


Now where does one get such a sword, you ask? Well, that depends on the .ESP file you selected earlier. If you chose the original "ae86seiryuu" file, then you're in for a fight to get it. It is located across the river from Cottonwood Cove and north a bit. When you find an area swarming with Deathclaws...you've found the place. There's a couple of dead Brotherhood of Steel paladins in the area, and the container with the weapon is laying next to them. Good luck, and enjoy once you get it. I put a screen of the location in the .RAR if you need help locating it.

On the other hand, if you wanted to get it the easy way and chose the "ae86seiryuu_easy" file, then the container with both weapons is easily found at the gas station in Goodsprings, where Ringo is located at the beginning of the game.