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This F4SE plugin allows you to set how many perk points player will get at level up.

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This plugin allows you to set amount of perk points gained per level (2 points by default). Per level perk points configurration available.

Latest F4SE required. If you use Fallout4 beta patch - install F4SE for beta, install non-beta version otherwise.
Get it at http://f4se.silverlock.org/. Install it at Fallout4 directory.
After you have proper F4SE installed, extract contents of plugin archive at Fallout4 'Data' directory. Be sure you end up with pppl.dll and pppl.ini.example laying in "Data\F4SE\Plugins" of Fallout4 install directory.
If you want to set your own amount of points gained, then:
1. Rename pppl_example.ini to pppl.ini
2. Read configuration examples in ini file.

In order f4se to work, you have to start Fallout4 with fallout4_loader.exe.
Tested on English and Russian versions. Every other should work fine too.

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A good comment from HydroDioxide:
How to get F4SE to run from steam:

Rename Fallout4Launcher to Fallout4Launcher_backup
Make a copy of f4se_loader and rename it to Fallout4Launcher

Game will now launch with F4SE from steam and will work with overlay+achievements+gametime etc etc

A little tip for those, who like to grab everythig they see and hate to fast-travel back and forth to unload loot:
Open console and type 000250fe.activate player 1
this will open Sanctuary hills workshop and it's container on top. No mouse and Magic-T-dump-all-junc-button, though. But you can switch between panes with right and left mouse buttons and other keyboard keys work.

If you want to thank me - endorse and/or donate.