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Chinese Stealth Armor from Fallout 3, and highly influenced by Gaijune's Reinforced version.

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Little disclaimer :

Hi there ! It's been a loooooong time ! One year to be honest.

First of all, sorry for the loooong waiting ; I've just emerged from a pretty shitty year of 2017 which everythingthat could go wrong went wrong at the same time. Well, I'm not here to complain, I just want to be sure that the result doesn't match a full year developping.

Well, now, with everything fixed and on the tracks again, I've launched a Patreon to be able to work in full time on mods,
and make the comunity more active on my creative processus, making you able to choose which mod I'll work on, or even being able to test them before their release.
If you're interested, here's the page :

The mod :

This mod adds the Chinese Stealth armor from fallout 3 with additionnal armor to match it, higly influenced by Gaijune's Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit.
And before you ask : Yes, I'm aware that Road to Liberty's team already made one ; the fact is that I've already started working on it before they even anounced it, and I've just spend too much time on it to simply drop the entire work.

Requirements :

- Robots DLC (from Bethesda)
- Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
- AWCKR by Valdacil

Krakmonkey001 made a nice additive mod for those who likes Ballistic weaves Here, enjoy !

Comming soon in 1.1 :

- Lighten weight for the suit
- Every piece would come with an inbuilt Shadow Enchantment. Seemed too logic for being made in the original version :/
- Alternate devices for the suit
- Black material
- Visor material changes
- Some stretching problems corrected

How to obtain it :

I didn't want to simply make it free to get it. Well, it's quite easy in fact, but you won't find it in a crate near Sanctuary.

Rumors said that a heavly damaged suit has been shipped to Fort Hagen ; it may be a good idea to take a look.

If you need help :


Another one can be found in the depth of Sentinel Site.

Anyway, the suit is badly damaged, and you'll need torepair it. Bad luck, the alloy the chinese made is unknown, you'll need to find some.

About Chinese Alloy :

You'll need chinese alloy in order to restore the entire armor and reinforce it. Don't worry, you'll find plenty across the Commonwealth, mainly in military bases and some other places.

Some tasty reviews :

Little Qiu and Aah :

Q : CBBE ?
A : Yes

Q : Xbox version ?
A : Yes, Here

Q : I can't find the suit ?
A : Look harder

Q : But it is not where someone told me...
A : It's probably messing with another mod that changes exterior cells near Fort Hagen ; ty to change your load order and put the CSA after any mod that can do such things ; if it doesn't work, send me your load order via PM, I'm trying to find any conflicting mod to find solutions . In case, you can find another set in the lower levels of Sentinel Site in the Glowing sea.

(more will come in future)