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A few minor enhancements to the Chinese Stealth Armor by Apalmemnom, with their permission.

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There were a few comments in the posts section about how the CSA had no BW capability, so I decided to change that.  I got the permission of the original mod author, and there are now 3 versions I will be uploading. 

Simple: Chinese Stealth Armor body has Ballistic Weave capability.

Enhanced: Chinese Stealth Armor body AND helmet have Ballistic Weave capability.

Cheat: Chinese Stealth Armor body and helmet have both Ballistic Weave capability and misc (deep pocket, ultra light, etc) capability.

Note: for cheat version, the body suit will have the misc options of both a vault suit OR torso mods.  I was unable to separate them, so you will have to choose one or the other.

ONLY USE ONE OF THE FILES.  If you use more than one, they will cancel each other out.  And make sure put it after the main file in your load order.