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Power Armor rebuilt to match the design of a sci-fi soldier from StarCraft!

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XBOX 1 Version:
Version 1.0.0 is out now!

-Got to admit, this is an underwhelming update give the fact it took 1 year to come out, but here it is. I just started modding again a week or so back. Anyhow I'm back at modding and ready to make this a full mod.
r00stafarian, who helped me not only to add the visor opening (actually working now) but also gave me ideas to merge all 3 .esp's into one! Someone give him a cookie! :)
-Custon UI Available to download as an optional! (best for first person users)

IMPORTANT: Rifle was pulled out so no more games are harmed by it. No worries I'll work it out and release it complete soon!
This mod was made posible by mbradshaw's team.

Adds a completly new armor inspired by the Marine armor from Star Craft series, it's designed to fit in the early, mid and late game! Unlock more powerful versions and upgrades by leveling up
It starts low with 370 armor rating (lowest PA armor in (vanilla) game), but ends up with a total of 1900 with just the basic lining! (highest in (vanilla) game!). 

***HOW TO GET***

There are 4 ways:

1)You may find it behind the cabin with the big red button wich opens vault 111's main hatch, see pictures for location, 
2)Also by crafting it at the "Armorsmith Station" and the gun at the "Weaponsmith Station"  from AKWCR or at the "Chemistry Station" if you choose to download the optional alternate .esp,
3)You could use In-Game ESP Explorer by a1a3a6a9 if you don't want to craft it/find it
4)Or simply  type in the console [Help "C.M.C." 4] (without the "[ ]").

Known Issues:
*Jetpack has still some visual issues (such as extra flames and small invisible faces).
*Jetpack uses "Upgrade" slot, not really an issue, but this will change.
*Chest will sometimes turn invisble when looking at it at some angles, this has no fix from what I've been able to tell. I've changed the mesh size, someone tried to spash an already existing PA frame inside of mine and still happened. I'm going to bet it has something to do with how the engine renders stuff, even tho I will try to fix it, it's not a priority now nor never, I've got to focus in other issues

**Note: Upon toggling off the visor, the empty PA will have it on (and will be openned once you or a companion jumps in), blame the engine not me, PA's are way to diferent than normal armors than what you might guess..

*Locked-by-level upgrades*:

-Level 07: Model 225
-Level 14: Model 230
-Level 21: Model 300
-Level 28: Model 400

They will also unlock new "Level Armor" which can be crafted in their own tab, these will help complement the armor ratings from the models.

***Planned updates***

*Updated Lin's Textures
*New Textures

*Update with the V-14 Vacaroo rifle

I'll go striking items in this list as I go on working. I want to make updates constant but can't make any promises. Like the rest of the team who worked on this, I have college work, but I will be checking the mod constantly and modding on my free time.


PD: I'm not native English speaker, sorry if your eyes bleed a bit reading through one of my misspells :P