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Replaces the vanilla Pipe reflex sights with something that you can actually aim with in VR.

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What this mod does

This mod replaces the glow and no-glow reflex sights for the pipe weapons (including pipe revolvers and syringe). As you've certainly noticed, the vanilla reflex sight uses 2 screws and you can't aim with it at all in VR. This mods extends the length of the scope and adds a third screw forward. Also, I've moved the glow dots slightly towards the player, so that they can't be seen from the front (you wouldn't want the enemy to see them in the dark). 

Not really clear in the screenshots, but it looks perfectly vanilla (I even reused their screw).

How to use

Install through NMM. The installer doesn't automatically match the colors of the reflex sight with those of the iron sights, you have to choose one manually (if you want to). There is no option for "green green green" iron sights, because those are your basic vanilla ones. 

The files should end up in your Data\Meshes\Weapons\HandMade\Scopes folder. No need to update the Plugins.txt file, since this is just a bunch of Vanilla nifs. 

As with other VR mods, make sure that your Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR\Fallout4.ini file contains the following lines:

If you want to install manually, make sure to copy the contents of the "0 - Core non glowing" folder, then one (and only one) of the folders beginning with 1 (ex. ."1 - Glowing Reflex GRG").  Finally, you can match the iron sight glow colors by also copying the corresponding folder beginning with 2 (ex. "2 - Iron GRG"). 

When you aim, keep both eyes open. The "scope" should cover up the image of your left eye and you should be able to aim through your right eye. I've done my best to align the sights correctly, but remember that the game throws a lot of RNG into your bullets and handmade weapons have bad accuracy. Get this mod to help you:  MORE ACCURATE WEAPONS  . Also, if you test it with wall decals, those are not always perfectly aligned with the impact point. Practice on actual living targets, and aim for the center of mass. You might be able to score a headshot at 50m, but those are rare situations. If you miss, blame your aim, VR resolution and Fallout, not this mod.



Q: Glow sights are too dim!
A: I know, vanilla bug. That's why I made a mod that works perfectly with this. Get it at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28607 

Q: Can you do the sniper scopes as well?
A: Already did. Get it here. It's called a "beta" but it works: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28726

Q: Can i use it in the standard non-VR game?
A: yes, the screenshots were made with it. 

Q: Any DLC required?

A: Nope. To my knowledge, the DLCs didn't make new pipe guns. 

Q: Is it compatible with....
A: I've listed the edited files below. If your mod changes those, or the textures referenced by those nifs, then no, they're not compatible. Just load my mod after other weapon mods. Any changes made in CK should work fine, since I'm only altering the 3D models (vanilla files). 

Q: Why did you make your sight longer? It looks like a sniper sight now.
A: I would've made it even longer, but I would've messed up the textures. Your accuracy depends on how far the sights are spaced apart. The vanilla pipe was just too short to allow for any proper aiming. In fact, the standard iron sights are longer, as they span the entire length of the gun. The point of this mod was just to allow you to use the sight for VATS improvements AND allow you to hit a rat or two manually. 

Q: Any alternative mods?
A: Not that I know of. There was one mod that added a nice hooked nail. But it didn't have a glow version (I think), and you couldn't really aim properly with it. 

Q: Will you do other guns? Why pipe guns?

A: Because they were the most bugged. However, with the release of my sniper scope, if you guys like it, and there's no other better alternative, I might start an overhaul of all sights for all vanilla weapons. Better than nothing, I guess.