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Normalizes brightness of glowing sights found on handmade (pipe) guns, by altering the fColorRemappingIndex attribute of the vanilla receivers. Works in non-VR mode, although it's more useful for VR users.

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The problem:

Vanilla glow sights on standard pipe guns are very dim. Especially in VR, it makes them very difficult to use early game. The brightness of the glow sight actually depends on your receiver type. The more advanced the receiver, the brighter the glow. This is because Bethesda has put an fColorRemappingIndex attribute on all pipe receivers, ranging from 0.2 (receiver mods that don't require Gun Nut) going up to 0.5 (Gun Nut 1 mods) and 1.0 (best receiver mods). While this might sound like a good idea, it creates illogical results (even with Gun Nut 3, a glow sight you create on a standard receiver will still be dim) and it hurts the early VR game, where you can't use other types of sights anyway. 

The fix:

This mod rewrites the fColorRemappingIndex for all pipe receivers to either 0.5, 0.75 or 1, depending on your choice. For VR I suggest starting with the 75% version. If you use my beta sniper scope, use the 100% version. Otherwise go with the 50% version, since you're basically just painting glow paint dots on junk. 

The mod goes hand in hand with my other VR mods:
 - Pipe Scope Beta which was designed to look right at 100% (75% should be ok as well)
 - VR Handmade Reflex Sights

How to Install:

For Non-VR version of the game:  Just install through NMM. 

For VR:
Step 1: either install through NMM, or drag an drop one of the esp files into the Data folder.

As with other VR mods, the following steps are required, unless NMM gets updated to support VR and do this automatically:

Step 2: Add a line containing " *PipeGunsGlowFix.esp " at the bottom of your \AppData\Local\Fallout4VR\Plugins.txt file. 
Step 3: Make sure that your Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR\Fallout4.ini file contains the following lines:

Should be compatible with any version of the game, DLC or not, any glow sight mod that uses the vanilla pipe receivers, unless they specifically alter the same value. It doesn't touch any other type of weapon in any way. 

Known bugs:
Even at 100%, the sights get slightly dimmer outside. Better said, they look brighter in interior cells. This is normal game behavior and there's nothing I can do about it.

This is a small fix which you can integrate into your mods at will. Just leave a note here in the comments so that I can list your mod as an alternative.