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BETA VERSION: Replaces sniper scope for pipe weapons to work like a reflex sight. For VR use only.

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Hi all, I need some help testing this scope so I'll release it early. 

This mod is for VR only. Do not install on non-VR Fallout!

No, there is no zoom. Sorry.

What do you mean by BETA? 
 It's a test of what can be done about the sniper scopes in general. It currently works for the pipe weapons only, but depending on feedback, I might start doing the same thing for the other guns as well. 

Although you can use it safely for a normal play, and I am thankful for any feedback, I need modders with modding tools to check into my work and report any bad decisions on my part. Do not hesitate to post comments.

How to install :
- I've packed it to be NMM friendly. Just download and activate through NMM. Clean game is preferred, or at least don't use any mod that changes the vanilla pipe sniper scope to any other nif (I am replacing the vanilla nif, so I need the link to it to be intact). 
- \Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR\Fallout4.ini file must have  "bInvalidateOlderFiles=1" and "sResourceDataDirsFinal=" lines, as with any other mod. 
- Use the "100 percent" version of my other mod found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28607. Otherwise, the reticule and night vision filterwill be almost invisible outside during daytime (even with the 50% version). 
- You should now see it on any scope (sniper, any version) on any type of handmade pipe gun (also revolver and syringe).
- Use this mod to help reduce the random spread of the bullets. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28595

How to aim: keep both eyes open! Get one of your eyes lined up with the scope. You'll see the reticle. Line up and shoot :) It should be more accurate than the current "laser sight" mod at long ranges. Basically, even if the head spans half the gap in the middle of the reticle, you should still be able to hit. In my limited testing it was way more accurate than my other "reflex" mod (as it should be). 

What it does exactly:
- It uses as much of the vanilla look as possible.
- I've scooped up the scope and made a black lining. It's matte and it should not catch any reflection. 
- I've added a reflective lens (on both sides), based on the 10mm reflex sight. I'm using a copy of a vanilla cubemap. Feel free to suggest a replacement, although the "outside" cubemap was distracting in interiors. 
- At the front end there is a NV lens with a very subtle green effect. It's merely there for eye candy, as adding more effect washes out the dark colors. 
- The actual reticle works like a reflex sight and sits waaaaaay in front, but it's not visible unless you look through the scope (hence the black inside lining helps to mask it out nicely). It uses the falloff attributes to keep hidden. I've pushed it as far as possible with a 0.999999 falloff. The reticle doesn't check for Z_Buffer so it will be visible through walls and objects (unlike the vanilla ones). (And YES, that's how we'll be able to make a laser dot. By the way does anyone know how to make it fade out after a certain distance?)

Known bugs:
- not a bug but... all pipe scopes use the same mesh. If we ever want to have various Night Vision effects, I'll need to make an esp for that. 
- the reticle is not visible from the front (yet, that's something I can fix easily). 

Happy testing and thanks in advance for any assistance. 
Pretty much every aspect can be altered easily so feel free to experiment. All textures and materials sit in their own folders.