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This Mod alters 3 different areas to increase the overall difficulty of the Game.
Rebalancing Leveled NPCs & Items and increased number of Legendary Enemies.

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This Mod alters 3 different areas to increase the overall difficulty of the Game.
Rebalancing Leveled NPCs & Items and increased number of Legendary Enemies.

1. Leveled NPC

The Game handles NPC spawns based on 'Encounter Zones' and leveled NPC Lists.
For example:
'Concord Encounter Zone' is between Level 0 and Max Level 10. (NPC Level not Player Level)
A 'Raider Scum' is Level 4 / 'Raider Psycho' is Level 9 / 'Raider Scavver' is Level 14 and so on....
That means in Concord you will only encounter NPCs below Level 10.

This mod aims to bring in more variety through adjustment of the NPC Levels. All higher Level Enemies here appear from 5 to 12 levels earlier than in the base game.

That means it is now possible to encounter a 'Raider Scavver' early in Game. (ex. <LvL 10)

By adjusting the NPC levels, the Encounter Zones are indirectly affected by a larger pool of potential enemies in the corresponding Level range.

The following Tables have been changed:
1 LCharRadScorpion [LVLN-00020B87]
2 DN133_LCharMirelurk [LVLN-001EC1F6]
3 LCharAssaultron [LVLN-00121D51]
4 LCharAssaultronGunner [LVLN-0022CDFA]
5 LCharAssaultronLegendary [LVLN-002499C5]
6 LCharBloatfly [LVLN-00033208]
7 LCharBloatflyAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499CC]
8 LCharBloatflyLegendary [LVLN-0017E6CE]
9 LCharBloodbug [LVLN-0002866D]
10 LCharBloodbugAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499D2]
11 LCharBloodbugLegendary [LVLN-0017E724]
12 LCharBoSScribe [LVLN-00076A04]
13 LCharBoSScribe_UniqueNPCTemplate [LVLN-001BE554]
14 LCharBoSSoldier [LVLN-00076A03]
15 LCharBoSSoldier_UniqueNPCTemplate [LVLN-001BE553]
16 LCharBoSSoldierLegendary [LVLN-00249AE2]
17 LCharBoSSoldierPowerArmor [LVLN-0020D3E1]
18 LCharBoSSoldierPowerArmorLegendary [LVLN-00249AEA]
19 LCharChildrenofAtom [LVLN-0002FB87]
20 LCharDeathclaw [LVLN-0007533D]
21 LCharDeathclawAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499DB]
22 LCharDeathclawLegendary [LVLN-0017E71E]
23 LCharFeralGhoul [LVLN-000758AE]
24 LCharFeralGhoulAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499E6]
25 LCharFeralGhoulBoss [LVLN-001FDE64]
26 LCharFeralGhoulGlowingOne [LVLN-000D39EE]
27 LCharFeralGhoulGlowingOneAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499E7]
28 LCharFeralGhoulGlowingOneLegendary [LVLN-00165575]
29 LCharFeralGhoulLegendary [LVLN-00165569]
30 LCharFeralGhoulNoArmor [LVLN-0017E6FC]
31 LCharGunner [LVLN-000FD39A]
32 LCharGunnerBoss [LVLN-000FD3A9]
33 LCharMirelurkAll [LVLN-0019DDD8]
34 LCharMirelurkAllLegendary [LVLN-0017E6E2]
35 LCharMirelurkCrab [LVLN-0005A9C2]
36 LCharMirelurkCrabAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499F0]
37 LCharMirelurkCrabBoss [LVLN-001FDE65]
38 LCharMirelurkCrabLegendary [LVLN-0017E6D4]
39 LCharMirelurkHunter [LVLN-000AEC42]
40 LCharMirelurkHunterAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499F7]
41 LCharMirelurkHunterBoss [LVLN-001FDE66]
42 LCharMirelurkHunterLegendary [LVLN-0017E6D9]
43 LCharMirelurkInterior [LVLN-00142389]
44 LCharMirelurkKing [LVLN-000FABCC]
45 LCharMirelurkKingAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499F8]
46 LCharMirelurkKingBoss [LVLN-001FDE67]
47 LCharMirelurkKingLegendary [LVLN-0017E6DF]
48 LCharMolerat [LVLN-000342C8]
49 LCharMoleratAmbushLegendary [LVLN-002499FC]
50 LCharMoleratBoss [LVLN-001FDE68]
51 LCharMoleratLegendary [LVLN-001846DA]
52 LCharMutantHound [LVLN-0011E4BF]
53 LCharMutantHoundLegendary [LVLN-002499C7]
54 LCharProtectron [LVLN-00106B08]
55 LCharProtectronLegendary [LVLN-00249AFA]
56 LCharRadroach [LVLN-0016CA45]
57 LCharRadScorpionAmbushLegendary [LVLN-00249A06]
58 LCharRadScorpionLegendary [LVLN-0017E705]
59 LCharRadStag [LVLN-00090E56]
60 LCharRadStagLegendary [LVLN-00184583]
61 LCharRaider [LVLN-00022E48]
62 LCharRaiderBoss [LVLN-0007CE08]
63 LCharSentryBot [LVLN-0012BC12]
64 LCharSentryBotAmbushLegendary [LVLN-00249B04]
65 LCharSentryBotGunner [LVLN-0022CDFC]
66 LCharSentryBotLegendary [LVLN-00249AFF]
67 LCharSMBehemoth [LVLN-0012B97D]
68 LCharStingwing [LVLN-0007BB0C]
69 LCharStingwingAmbushLegendary [LVLN-00249A0C]
70 LCharStingwingLegendary [LVLN-0018451B]
71 LCharSuperMutantRifle [LVLN-000EDCDC]
72 LCharSuperMutantRifleBoss [LVLN-001FDE6B]
73 LCharSuperMutantRifleLegendary [LVLN-0017E6F7]
74 LCharSynth [LVLN-000E6B42]
75 LCharSynthAmbushLegendary [LVLN-00249A20]
76 LCharSynthBoss [LVLN-001FDE6D]
77 LCharSynthCourser [LVLN-001628EF]
78 LCharSynthLegendary [LVLN-00184750]
79 LCharTurretStandingCart [LVLN-00124767]
80 LCharTurretTripod [LVLN-0011131F]
81 LCharTurretTripodMounted [LVLN-00116667]
82 LCharViciousDog [LVLN-0007313E]
83 LCharViciousDogAlpha [LVLN-00136250]
84 LCharViciousDogLegendary [LVLN-00184525]
85 LCharYaoGuai [LVLN-000B3D7F]
86 LCharYaoGuaiLegendary [LVLN-001B34CF]
87 RELCharGlowingCreature [LVLN-001860A6]

2. Leveled Item

Like the NPC tables, some of the basic Item tables have been adjusted as well.
The goal was to give the NPC's better gear. Now early Raiders wear Metal Armor and Heavy Leather Armor. All Standard Armors and Standard Guns are downscaled between 5 and 20 Levels.

For example Light Combat Armor appears at Level 15 instead of Level 29 and Heavy Combat Armor can appear at Level 25 instead of Level 41.

The base game distribution ratio is not adjusted. Some NPCs will still wear lower level Gear.

That results  in a better mixture of different powerful enemies. Now it might be necessary to recon an area first, then spot and eliminate the weaker enemies before taking on the stronger ones.

Similar changes have been made to the different types of base Weapons in the Game. Now it is possible for a Level 10 Super Mutant with Heavy Armor to shoot at you with a Incendiary Laser Rifle.

The following Tables have been changed:
1 LL_Armor_Metal_ArmLeft [LVLI-0001959A]
2 LL_Armor_Combat_ArmLeft [LVLI-0019B81C]
3 LL_Armor_Combat_ArmLeft_BoS [LVLI-00121FC0]
4 LL_Armor_Combat_ArmRight [LVLI-00121FC1]
5 LL_Armor_Combat_LegLeft [LVLI-00121FC2]
6 LL_Armor_Combat_LegRight [LVLI-00121FC3]
7 LL_Armor_Combat_Torso [LVLI-00121FC4]
8 LL_Armor_Leather_ArmLeft [LVLI-0007BB15]
9 LL_Armor_Leather_ArmRight [LVLI-0007BB16]
10 LL_Armor_Leather_LegLeft [LVLI-0007BB17]
11 LL_Armor_Leather_LegRight [LVLI-0007BB18]
12 LL_Armor_Leather_Torso [LVLI-0007BB14]
13 LL_Armor_Metal_ArmRight [LVLI-0001959B]
14 LL_Armor_Metal_LegLeft [LVLI-0001959D]
15 LL_Armor_Metal_LegRight [LVLI-0001959E]
16 LL_Armor_Metal_Torso [LVLI-0001959F]
17 LL_Armor_RaiderMod_ArmLeft [LVLI-001A596C]
18 LL_Armor_RaiderMod_ArmRight [LVLI-001A596D]
19 LL_Armor_RaiderMod_LegLeft [LVLI-001A596E]
20 LL_Armor_RaiderMod_LegRight [LVLI-001A596F]
21 LL_Armor_RaiderMod_Torso [LVLI-001A5970]
22 LL_Armor_Synth_ArmLeft_Dirty [LVLI-00046DB0]
23 LL_Armor_Synth_ArmRight_Dirty [LVLI-00046DB4]
24 LL_Armor_Synth_LegLeft_Dirty [LVLI-00046DB8]
25 LL_Armor_Synth_LegRight_Dirty [LVLI-00046DBC]
26 LL_Armor_Synth_Torso_Dirty [LVLI-00046DC0]
27 LL_AssaultRifle [LVLI-000F5C50]
28 LL_CombatRifle [LVLI-000E7511]
29 LL_CombatShotgun [LVLI-000E02FF]
30 LL_HuntingRifle [LVLI-0005D4D5]
31 LL_InstituteLaserGun [LVLI-001A7777]
32 LL_LaserGun [LVLI-000C9B66]
33 LL_PipeBoltAction [LVLI-00032B0C]
34 LL_PipeGun [LVLI-001642A8]
35 LL_PipeRevolver [LVLI-000CF798]
36 LL_PlasmaGun [LVLI-00128D61]

The LLI_ Weapon tables have not been touched to avoid conflict with other weapon Mods.

But since the level lists depend on the actor level, all weapons appear earlier in game on enemies.
I got killed by a Raider with a CROSS BeakAction Laser at Player Level 8!!

and finally:

3. Legendary Enemies

Some like 'em, some hate 'em. I like them a lot. I think their increased resistance and especially the Berserker behaviour after taking injury adds a great deal to the overall difficulty.

Therefore the Legendary Rarity is now raised from 10% to 60% and Encounter Chance is 7x the Normal Difficulty.

The following Tables have been changed:
1 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_N [GMST-001E5F64]
2 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_E [GMST-001E5F65]
3 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_H [GMST-001E5F66]
4 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_SV [GMST-00225F80]
5 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_TSV [GMST-00249F4B]
6 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_VE [GMST-00249857]
7 fDiffMultLegendaryChance_VH [GMST-001E5F67]
8 fDiffMultLegendaryRarity_E [GMST-001E5F69]
9 fDiffMultLegendaryRarity_N [GMST-001E5F68]
10 fDiffMultLegendaryRarity_SV [GMST-00225F7F]
11 fDiffMultLegendaryRarity_TSV [GMST-00249F4A]
12 fDiffMultLegendaryRarity_VE [GMST-001E5F6A]
13 fDiffMultLegendaryRarity_VH [GMST-001E5F6B]

I played with these settings for a couple of hours and especially early in game, up to character level 40, the changes are massive...
On High Level, the variety of Enemies in Encounter Zones is bigger. But since you are overpowered anyway when you reach Level 60, the effect is not that big without using Damage Multiplicators.

I suggest to use a mod to adjust the Cell Respawn time, since the NPC Level is only adjusted once you enter the Zone. (again after cell respawn)
And a Save Option for Survival Mode is definitely helpful. Especially early in game you will die a lot.. ,-)

Survival  Options provides all these Options.

Investing in Sneaking and Scavenging is a must.

In my last playthrough, the game forced me the first time to use all different kinds of weapons in my inventory and I constantly run out of ammo early in game.

So far I had no conflicts with other mods, I use custom weapons a lot and they are properly appearing in game.

Mods I Use:
Cross BreakActionLaser
Doom Based Weapon Pack
M1 Garand
Assault Carabine
Legendary Modifiactions

Please let me know if there are any problems or if you have suggestions for rebalancing....

The Mod is entirely done with FO4Edit
Credits: xEdit Team FO4Edit