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A combined patch of all the weapon mods I use for New calibers.

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This mod is a combination of all the New Calibers Patches for all the weapon mods I use, as well as recipes for them, which are in the weapon smith bench. You will need New Calibers and all of the weapons this mod is for to use it, obviously. It also requires AWKCR, but tell me if you want a version that doesn't and I'll make one. Since I didn't just copy the original patches, their may be some bugs. I will catch most of these on my own, but if you come across any I miss, please leave a comment. You can check out the official New Calibers patch page here.
The newer file requires/supports Modular Kalash. I decided to continue with the pattern of all the different ammo variations that are in the original mod, but the damage is different and they use 7.62 ammo. I also changed the base damage for all the guns so they would feel more realistic, I think a bullet should hurt. They all do about twice as much damage as they use too.

This mod patches the following:
M1 Garand
9x39 Project
Family Mauser
Luger P08
SVT 40
Modular Kalash
If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas you would like me to work on, please tell me, and I will do what I can.