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This mod ads a 3d preview model of each building plan on Sim Settlement and its addons so you now know what you are actually building, and they look great too.

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Do you ever struggle to find a building plan you want in Sim Settlements? Do you have to rebuild over and over again the plots just to get the industrial or agricultural building you want but cant remember the name? Do you have so many SS addons and buildings in your list that you no longer remember from wich mod is which?
Well this mod can help with that by doing three things one thing:

1. Adds icons to each building, grouping them by the type of service they provide., example: 
Agricultural (Farm, Meat Farm, Aquatic Farm), Commercial (Food, Bar, Doctor, Armor), Industrial (Electricity, Water, Scavenger) etc. Check the pictures.

2. Adds tags with the addon name at the beggining of each plot to sort things better and to know from which Sim Settlement addon mod each building is.
3. Adds a preview 3d model of each construction added by SS and addons so now you know what you are actually constructing before building it and having to scrap it over and over because you dont like the building,or is not the one you were looking for.

SS Addon Authors you can still use the resources on this mod

If you are a Sim Settlement addon author and you whish to incorporate this patch into your addon you can use the resourcen on this mod. If you want your addon cover on this mod without esp just add the new changes to buildings plans from SS v3. Thank you. ;)

Important Notice on this Patch v1.9b+

This mod is separetad into two each one is standalone and the only mod it requires is Sim Settlements: Newest and Oldies.

:::::Newest Version:::::

Here you will find the patch for the main Sim Settlements v3.0.0+ and it's two expansion packs, and also any other addon that has been updated with the new tagging system and models incorportation that kinggath introduced on version 3.0.0 (preview transform optional). This version does not use plugin/esp meaning you don't have to update it even if the addon gets updates unless there are new building to incorporate.

This Version Covers:
-Sim Settlements v3.0.0+ 
-Sim Settlements: Industrial Revolution v3.0.0+
-Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth v3.0.0+
-Wasteland Ventures v7.0.2+
-Always Free Sim Settlements MrJoseCuervo v1.3.2+
-Industrial City v0.9.0+
-Sim Settlements-PCDugAddons by PCDug  v1.2+
(I am still missing the flags, interior plots and the preview transform they will be incorporte later)

:::::Oldies Version:::::

Here you'll find all the addon patches that haven't got any updates in a long time or are not yet updated to support cutom previews introduced on v3.0.0 This version does require an esp that will replace the original addon plugin to incorporate the new models. This patches are version dependent meaning that it will only be compatible with that version of the addon.
When an addon from this version gets updated to support custom models it will be moved to the Newest Version mod.

This Version Covers:
-Trailer Park Dreams v1.2b
-B84s Themed Residentials v1.2.3.1
-Sim Settlements AddOn Pack - Brae's Defences v0.5
-SimSettlementsAddOnPack - RaiderRefugees v0.9.9
-Altairp's Animal Farm - Add-On for Sim Settlements v1.0.6c
-Sim Settlements Scrappers v1.11
-Sim Settlements Addon - Home Improvements AIO by kevbal v2.0.5
-Sim Settlements - Jib's Residential AddOn by Jib v1.0.3
-Sim Settlements Add-On Pack Classic Shacks by ProfVerstrooid v1.2
-JtBryant's Utilities v1.0.2
-Sim Settlements AddOn Pack - SimTowers by JtBryant v1.1.0
-Sim Settlements AddOn Pack - JtBryant's Flags by JtBryant v1.0.0
-Sim Settlements Addon - Another Brick in the Wall by Sebbo86 v1.1
-Sim Settlements AddonPack - Awsometown by Kytampe v1.0.2

This addons are not cover yet :( but will be:
-Ruined Homes and Gardens by Ruinedworld v2.1.1
-SimHomestead by Eldarth v3.0b
-Sim Settlements Hunter-Gather AddOn by Kana292 v1.1
-Sim Settlements AddOn Pack-Junk Town by Uituit v5.0.0

Recomended Mods in Installation order:::::::::::
DEF_UI by Neanka
Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI by Omega 
Horizon v1.1 by Zawinul  (also has tags and alot of survival-balance stuff, it hurt but is good) OR

My other Mods:::::::::::
Unofficial Horizon Sorting Items Mod
Unofficial Horizon Many Patches
Horizon Backpacks Patch - Survivalist Go-Bags
Horizon - CROSS Brotherhood - Courser - BreakActionLaser Patch and more
Unofficial Horizon Wasteland Heroines Replacer Patch
Unofficial Horizon Pretty Companions Patch
Unofficial Horizon-Agony and Components Redone Patch
Unofficial Horizon - The Mercenary Pack Patch 
Horizon - Beyond Boulder Dome Armors Patch 


Myrmarachne and Tinuvia