Fallout Tactics Grenade Pistol by Sythropo
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Added: 06/08/2017 - 12:54AM
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This mod adds the Grenade Pistol and 40mm Grenades from Fallout Tactics. The pistol is meant to fill the niche of a low level explosive weapon. It has leveled list integration, and spawns on Minutemen, Gunners, and Raiders. Starts to spawn at level 5. Weapon is partially based on the HX25 Grenade Pistol from Killing Floor 2.

It can be bought from weapon vendors.


hould Be compatible with everything, uses WeaponLLInject.pex and AmmoLLInject.pex scripts for LL integration, so it may ask to override this file if it is used by another mod. Allow it to override, as it is the same file used by other mods.

Known Issues or Bugs

Equip animation doesn't quite fit.


Compatibility Patches for the China Lake mod, and possibly the Grenade Expansion Pack. I might implement custom equip animations that don't spin the nonexistent revolver cylinder if permissions are given by someone who has made a replacer.


0.5.0: Initial Release


Created by: Me 
Weapon Sound: freesound.org
Leveled List Injection by: a_blind_man 
Thanks to: MikeMoore for the Tutorials