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The mod allows manage a team of dog and any 16 companions.

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  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
The mod allows you to hire and manage a team of 16 companions.

Main functions:
- team and personal commands;
- marks on the map;
- beach;
- camp;
- find items;
- team and personal teleportation;
- change clothes;
- interjections;
- game time assignment;
- hotkey for dialogs;
- 32 places for vacationers.

- immortality, protection, mortality;
- reassignment of hot keys of commands;
- limitation of the number of satellites;
- drawing weapons together with the player;
- endless ammo;
- indestructible power armor;
- fall damage
- rest during escort;
- distance;
- talkativeness;
- aggressiveness and other parameters;
- fix hotkeys assigning settlers;
- optional autonomy mod operation;
- restart the mod in case of errors;
- safe removal of the mod.

An active team can have up to 16 companions. For vacation companions, 32 places.
Individual settings are saved when the companion is dismissed.
The hotkey for commands by default is "G", in the settings it changes to others.
The hotkey for dialogs, usually "R", can cause conflicts with other mods that use alternate activation keys. In this case, turn off "R".
The companion can be placed in the main location at any time without dismissal.
The cure is carried out with stimpacks and purified water, for robots with repair kits and purified water.
If the companion is not completely fired, then he is under the influence of the mod and is marked on the map. The final dismissal completely releases the companion from the mod and unloads the game.
Stop fight! command serves to reconcile others in case of unexplained aggression.
Teddy bears and holodisk are obsolete. All this works, but it is available via a hotkey and from a dialog.
To remove the mod, release all companions, then use the command in the holodisk.

Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) version is not lower than 6.21.

Not yet detected.

Optional with mods that extend the capabilities of companions and changing FollowersScript.pex, an follow system.
Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat)
Amazing FollowerTweaks
Unlimited Followers
Multiple Followers Overhaul - Tee Party Companions
Recruit 20 followers
and others with the same principle.

Use a mod manager or manually.
Manually: unzip the archive with the 7-zip program, Liga.esp, Liga - Main.ba2 and Liga - Textures.ba2 files place in the Fallout 4 / Data folder, tick the Liga.esp checkbox in the mod manager.

Prepare the mod for removal with the Safe removal button in the holotape.
Uncheck the Liga.esp in the plugin manager, delete mod files from Fallout 4 / Data folder.