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Bounties For You Mod
-sends out hunters for you based off of your crimes
-has bounty misions
-added assets

Haunting Guitarist - Stefan Netsman (ES) (Bounty Missions)
War Drums - Andreas Ericson (ES) (Hunter music)
Added several weapons made by Mike Moore and armors by L0rd 0f War and his crew (with permission) I've added my own twists for balancing and fixes and added Some new textures and some cool stuff of my own.
also, kingtobbe helped me a lot and even donated a few sweet under armors. I'm especially proud of the magnetic effects of the Gauss assisted Bozar rifle (Try the 50cal version).
all mod assets are stand alone and do not require anything other than the base game. Nothing vanilla has been modified (with great pains) so should be compatible with everything.
Fingers crossed.

I have permission for all the assets in use that is not mine but do not have permission for someone else to use them in their mod.
This mod cannot be reposted in any form anywhere without my permission.
You do not need my permission to add patches to this mod and I encourage it.
If you want me to add stuff you made to this mod then send me a message.
I'm strict on quality and balance (ask Kingtobbe).