Fallout 4

About this mod

A settlement-blueprint with minimal mod requirements to provide a home to your SimSettlement plots. (Starlight Drive-in)

Permissions and credits



This is no recreation of THE Junktown.
It's a town
- made for Sim Settlement - out of junk, hence the name Junktown.
Preset includes:
18 residential-, 6 commercial-, 11 farm-
      +3 additional residential-plots
(which should have been
industrial ones. Sry.)
Additionally, you will find some vacant spaces for other purposes.


All plots are interchangeable EXECPT the farms which are required to stay as dirt piles for structural reasons.


All DLCs minus NukaWorld
PCDug's Pretty Triangles and Pretty Circles
Sim Settlements-Wedges of the Commonwealth
Canopies with animation (WWE)


NMM: Will place the bp in slot nr. 9

Manual: \Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\
and place it in whichever slot you desire.

Using this build you may (or may not) experience:
fps drop, stuck settlers, faulty spawn of SimSettlement plots,
lazy companions, overlapping eyesores, trembling skeletons
and a lot of other things insulting your personal taste.

For all other wishes, reports and so forth just call upon Vault Boy, who I entrusted with my Suggestion Box: