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Adds Nora, your spouse, as a fully voiced and functioning companion in Fallout 4

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Well, here's my take on a Nora Companion Mod. After the Kellogg sequence in the beginning of Fallout 4, you reawaken from cryosleep and notice your wife's cryopod is empty. After exiting Vault 111, you are given the opportunity to find your spouse and reunite with her. Thus, giving you the chance to find Shaun together.

For more information regarding Nora's escape from Vault 111 please read "Nora's Journal" after completing her recruitment quest.
She left Vault 111 10 days earlier before you re awake from cryosleep.

BETHESDA.NET LINK under username ChosunYoung (PC): https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4022615
 (XBOX ONE): https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4022617

Nora Spouse Companion DLC Support Trailer NOW AVAILABLE

-adds Nora as voiced companion
-adds short intro, recruitment quest
-adds endgame dialogue for all 3 factions for Nora
-adds companion dialogue interjections/interrupts 
-adds quest commentary 
-adds companion swap dialogue for base game companions as of now
-supports customized Nora, looks will carry over if you edit her appearance in the beginning of the game
-disables Nora's corpse in Vault 111
-Mostly completed affinity system with 2 major approval and disapproval scenes
-adds max affinity companion perk, "Till Death Do us Apart"
-adds environmental awareness commentary
-adds some dialogue edits so Nora isn't referred as dead
-Nora has ability to lockpick and hack
-Nora Tracker

-For those starting a new game: In order to trigger Nora's recruitment quest,"O Spouse Where Art Thou", once you exit vault 111, head towards Sanctuary Hills and the quest will activate.
-For those playing on existing save: Quest should start up automatically once you load your game.
-This mod has only been tested by me so PLEASE if you see anything FUNKY like dialogue not triggering or Nora's AI sandbox being stupid, please post something in the bugs section -This mod is meant to be played with male player character. Playing as female pc will result in conflicts.

-Nora Likes: Healing Dogmeat, helping Minutemen Settlements, modding weapons, picking locks
-Nora Dislikes: Eating corpses, murder, stealing, refusing to help Minutemen settlements

-I do not have plans to make a Nate Companion (Male sole survivor) Mod right now. My entire focus is on the Nora Spouse Companion which includes polishing/cleaning, fixing bugs, and adding more content to her. HOWEVER, there is a male version called Dual Survivors by kesabelus! I'd recommend checking that one out. I hear good things about it!

-Xbox One version coming soon and it'll be up on Bethesda.net under user: ChosunYoung (Also me)

-Mods that modify or alter Abernathy Farm may risk conflicts with Nora Spouse Companion
-Side quests and main quests have been modified to allow Nora to have dialogue interjection. Mods that change those quests may risk conflicts
-"Alternative Start" mods risk conflicting with Nora's recruitment quest

If doing manual install, drop NoraSpouse - Main.BA2 and NoraSpouse.esm into the the Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data folder. 

-Seddon4494 for CK tutorials-Bethesda for CK!
-greentea101 for the FO4 Voice Reference Tool
-lazyradly for Fallout 4 Lip Sync File Generator
-Bethesda for the CK tool