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A series of lore focused quests bringing the player in a full immersion by following clues, hints, breadcrumbs, etc. in order to reveal the actual stories, with custom weapons, gear, items and pure entertainment as rewards.

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Guerlot's Radioactive Stories
Please read the Stickied Note for details on the latest update


  • A series of lore focused quests bringing the player in a full immersion by following clues, hints, breadcrumbs, etc. in order to reveal the actual stories. 
  • 4 Stories; 9 quests; 5 new interior locations; custom weapons, gear, special items and pure entertainment as rewards!
  • If you really like the smaller lore elements in Fallout 4, then you may like Radioactive Stories as it tries to tie-in some of the Vanilla lore stories to its own stories. (Example: Jake Whitfield is the (non-canon) son of Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield (both canon) from the Pre-War Sanctuary.)


- The Fate of Jake Whitfield (5 quests)
  • Discover what happened to a kid from your neighborhood before and after the Great War.
  • Multiple quests storyline with 3 new magazines(with perks); the T51x Power Armor; a Reusable Shield Generator and more!
  • How to start: Read the note outside of Vault 111

- The Hunt for Red November:
  • Spoof/Hommage to Tom Clancy's great Novel. Treasure hunt with new Location.
  • Some clues may remind you of the Treasure maps in Skyrim
  • How to start: you will encounter an NPC during one of the Jake Whitfield's quests that will give you extra work.

- The Curious Case of Billy Gibbs
  • Go find a missing Vault 81 dweller who decided to go look for aliens. 
  • How to start: Starts automatically if player is at Level 50 and if he/she has access to Vault 81

- Olympus Has Risen

  • New location accessible while doing The Curious Case of Billy Gibbs. 
  • Discover the secret of Vault 71
  • Get your gear ready, don't go cry to your mom!
  • Custom music and sound effects
  • Make sure to have Music and Effects cranked up in your Audio Settings for a better experience

NEW! - The Incredible Drunk
  • Time to go for a Pub Crawl and the Golden Mile! 
  • Two new small locations (two pubs) and boozing shenanigans.
  • New powerful Molotov Cocktail. Recipe as a reward for winning the Golden Mile
  • Very basic Drunk Level system during the quest
  • How to start: Head to Goodneighbor, a Postwoman will reach out to you


  • Vault 71 Bobbleheads:
    • There are currently three groups of 5 bobbleheads available. They are slightly different than the originals (hair color, vault number).
    • While they don't have a single bonus/perk, getting each group of 5 will be rewarded. 
    • Aren't stuck in inventory like the vanilla ones.
    • Can be found while visiting locations during the quests of this mod OR in locations mentioned in Lore (also from this mod).

  • Jake's Leather Armor:
    • Same textures but slightly better and has poison resistance. 
    • Finding all pieces will give a perk.
    • Can be found while visiting locations during the quests of Jake Whitfield's story  OR in locations mentioned in Lore (also from this story).

  • Comics: Currently 3 comics with perks are available, easily found while doing the quests

  • Portable Shield Generator: Upon completion of Jake's story, you will get this cool Reusable Portable Shield Generator, boosting defense for 30 seconds, with a 5 minutes cooldown

  • The mighty PEN OF DOOM!
    • melee weapon moddable with 4 levels of poison damage 
    • (Can be crafted if Quest " Downtown, Everything [...]" is already completed)
    •  If not well, do the quest

  • Radioactive Stories Guideholotape that can be crafted in a chemistry station: Containing full walkthroughs and collectibles locations if you get stuck somewhere.


  • This mod is in constant development. A lot more quests will be added in the future.
  • Quests rarely have markers, making reading the notes, holotapes, terminals, quest logs, objectives, etc. extremely important. Only time you would get a marker is when I want you to follow a specific path. But overall, this mod will not grab your hand and show you every time where to go, what to loot, etc.. Your brain may need to be used at times;
  • When I want you to follow a specific path, if a marker brings you in the middle of nowhere, that means you need to find something specific in the area in order to progress (extra hint: don’t go forward or backward of the marker);
  • Also, in this type of quest, there a big possibility you would find some extra lore, hints, items between two markers. But if missed, those should not stop you from progressing. So if you are a lore-monger, try to avoid fast travels, you never know. A Survival playthrough would increase your immersion in the mod for sure.
  • Afraid you may get stuck somewhere because there is no marker? Or maybe you just want the goods? No problem, there is a Walkthrough holotape craftable at your local chemistry lab!
  • Once the quest "School's Out Forever" has started, DO NOT complete the vanilla quest Nuclear Option while School's Out is still running, this will break the mod's quest line. Although, Nuclear Option can be completed before starting "School's Out". In Please ask me questions if in doubt.
  • No DLC required (for now)
  • There are non-voiced NPCs, make sure to enable subtitles. But I made it possible for you to skip dialogue and avoid waiting :)
  • Please, no spoilers here (or hide them if it's possible), use the specific Discussion thread on the Nexus (see link below)


  • AWKCR addon: Adds a few Keywords on my armors. Also added keywords to make it compatible with UCO (with no depencies to it). For UCO, just make sure the addon is above UCO in the Load order. I think I've added all I needed to, but if anyone has input or specific keywords from AWKCR, let me know. Requires AWKCR v3.2

  • Project X DLC & AWKCR addon: Small addon to make my mod use keywords from both Project X DLC & AWKCR. Also adds some PX stuff in my vendors.
    If you use this addon, no need to use my other AWKCR addon


  • Sparky's Quantum Adventure:  Game Breaker: YES
    - This mod stops my mod to spawn crucial elements in the Sanctuary basement in my very 1st quest. You CAN NOT  do "The Fate of Jake Whitfield" with Sparky's enable. I will recommend to disable Sparky's, complete the part where you need to go in the Sanctuary Basement in my mod and once you are done there, you can re-enable/install Sparky's.
  • Zombie Walkers : Game Breaker: YES & NO - 
    -  Two Things: 
    #1: This amazing mod renames some of my hostile NPCs, although not a game breaker.  Also, make sure you have Looting Enabled (Zombie Walkers settings) while playing my mod, my testing didn't encountered issues, but just to be on the safe side.#2: While playing the 5 quests for Jake Whitfield's story, you MUST disable the features spawning Zombies from Dead NPCs or you may end up with glitches.



  • The amazing Ambiance Music of Vault 71 is from http://purple-planet.com
  • LiquidSmokeX64  for the assistance with F04Edit clean up
  • Lplates for the assistance with spelling/grammar errors
  • Montky