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Ranged weapons were majorly bogus, so I made them totally gnarly.

This mod changes ranged combat in several ways with damage changes, bullet & laser projectiles, recoil, explosives, player-to-npc damage consistency, new craftables, attachment alterations and more.
It alters hand-held weapons used by both players & npc's and other weapons used by turrets & machines, as well as explosives.
Some weapons will be quite fearsome and explosives are deadly, duck and cover!

The individual Unbogus files will not get as many updates as the All-in-One
due to difficulties in keeping separate mods with separate entries
up to speed, they will still work just fine but I will be
focusing on the overhaul now instead.

Note: I realized that in order for the flamer effect to look decent, you will need to raise your particle limit, to do so;
1. Go to "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4" and then open Fallout4Prefs.ini
2. Scroll down to [Particles]
3. Change iMaxDesired= to at least 5000, 10000 if you want to push it a little, or go beyond 10k if you're brave.
This will not affect your performance, but push the number too high and the engine may eat dirt during an intense firefight.

Features include:

Damage alterations, some weapons have gotten big buffs while others have only gotten minor buffs, heavy weapons have recieved some much needed love
Damage consistency, if a certain attack does 10 damage it will almost always do 10 damage by default regardless of source (player, turrets, robots, vertibirbs, etc)
Some overpowered Legendary effects have been fixed, for instance Bleed deals 5dmg over 10s instead of 25dmg over 5s, incredibly broken in vanilla as it stacks and ignores all resistances
NPC's will use up any grenades they have, no longer shall you suffer their infinite grenade spam!
Caliber consistency, for example a .45 will do roughly the same damage regardless if fired from a pistol, rifle or sentry, there are a few exceptions for balancing sake
Automatic receivers increase damage the same amount the non-automatic equivalent would
New attachments for various weapons
Alien Blaster fires slow-moving target seeking exploding projectiles to make it unique, to use target seeking simply aim down sights at something
Limb dismemberment/explosion parameters altered, high caliber bullets & lasers can dismember/explode and low caliber can't, simple but effective
Vertibirbs fire explosive bullets from their front cannons, keep an eye on the sky
Various name changes to weapons, for example a 10mm is now "N99 10mm" and a Laser is now "AER9 Laser"
.50 conversions reduce speed and ammo capacity, but will dish out juicy damage
.38 & .308 conversions deal roughly the same damage as a slightly upgraded gun of the same caliber
Recoil is stronger for all guns, some more than others, energy weapons have vanilla recoil, in general automatic weapons will be more difficult to control and powerful weapons will give you a nasty kick
Reloading is a bit slower for most guns
Flamers now shoot long-reaching streams with gravity, fun and somewhat realistic! Beware NPC's using flamers, they are much more dangerous.
Flamers will burn the ground for a duration and ignite any targets in a small radius, making it a highly tactical weapon instead of raw dps
Double Barrel Shotguns have increased range and deal more damage at a distance, and the long barrel has much smaller spread and increased range.
Good hunting.
Bayonets, compensators & other such muzzle attachments have no range penalty, so use whatever you want
Lightweight upgrades have no damage penalties and reduce weight by 50%(was 25%), may be useful early-game if you play with limited carryweight
Supressors inflict a minor damage penalty depending on the gun's caliber size
Assaultron Head does not inflict any radiation damage to the player, what a weird feature that was
Revolvers are a bit faster
Harpoons are stronger and deal increased bleed damage, default harpoons inflict bleed as well
Gamma Gun deals much increased rad damage and explodes in a medium radius on impact but only has 3 shots by default and fires much slower
Caltrops are thrown further, standard deals stacking bleed damage, poison variety deals non-stacking poison damage over a long duration
Bear Traps deal massively increased damage and stagger, also weighs much less
The values of ranged weapons have been tweaked to represent their power & rarity, a minigun will cost you a pretty penny while a pipe gun will be practically free, and unique weapons like the alien blaster are worth a lot more
Assault Rifle is now a .308 rifle by default, making it a higher end assault/sniper rifle
Combat Rifle is now a 5.56 rifle by default, making it a mid end assault rifle
Thirst Zapper upgrades deals less damage but has much cheaper ammo, higher capacity, radiuses & deal brief radiation damage
Acid Soaker isn't complete trash and ammo for it is a lot cheaper to make
Tesla Rifle is a high-end weapon with very high ammo efficiency and powerful upgrades
The Flare Gun has some custom attachments, the closest thing to a grenade launcher you'll get without adding new assets
Radium Rifle's upgraded barrels no longer have junk attached to them
Radium Rifle's radiation effect has been replaced with Poison, DoT by default and instant damage from upgrades
Minigun "Accelerated Barrel" is a straight upgrade, no longer practically deleting your already low accuracy
Modified Bowling Balls doesn't require untouched bowling balls to create
Light sources for various explosions and projectiles have been altered to be more fitting and dramatic, especially nukes
.50 and 2mm EC projectiles will penetrate cover at all times, tip: don't try to shoot through a wall when pressing your face up against it, the bullet may not go perfectly straight
Weapons will deal more damage when 'Out of Range'
Beam Splitters will be something you want to use for a change, a good choice for short range combat, but will still suffer at longer distances
Pipe Revolver's ".38" conversion is now a "Shotgun" conversion
Pipe Bolt-Action's ".38" conversion is now a "5.56" conversion
Combat Rifle's ".38" conversion is now a ".45 Automatic" conversion
Most guns are "Very Loud" instead of "Normal or "Loud", should make NPC's notice gunshots a lot better and give you an even bigger incentive to use a silencer
Various other changes

Bullet/laser projectile features include:

Bullets are real projectiles that travel with velocities somewhat based on real life stats
Lasers are real projectiles as well, think of them like sci-fi 'Laser Blasters'
Different bullets have very different speeds, a .45 is one of the slowest traveling bullets while a 5.56 is very fast
All the new projectiles have some degree of gravity to them, it will be more noticeable on slower bullets
Thanks to some nifty programming by bethesda, NPC's will adapt perfectly to use these new projectiles which is very cool
'Other' NPC's like turrets and vertibirds will also fire real projectiles, all of them except Bubble Turrets due to a bug where they hit themselves instantly
Bullet & Laser projectiles emit light(lasers a lot more obviously) which both looks awesome at night and helps you see the impact area better
It is now possible to actually dodge bullets, but not just for you
Hitting targets will require more skill from you, but it will also be more fun and satisfying
No performance impact as far as I can tell, even in the middle of a fight with a Gatling Laser, so blast away!
Should be fully compatible with any custom weapon mod as long as that weapon fires a vanilla bullet type, like .45 or .38 for example, but if it adds a new bullet type it will not work without a patch

If you use the standalone Bullets 'N Lasers file, it will be fully compatible with any other kind of weapon mod as long as that weapon fires a non-custom bullet type, just like the full mod. The standalone part will not alter any weapons except the weapons Bubble Turrets use because they are unable to fire projectiles properly.
Do note however that all weapons will 'not' fire the correct projectiles, in vanilla several guns fire the same projectile, for instance a .308 projectile does not exist in vanilla, so a hunting rifle may shoot a .44 projectile or such, it will still work perfectly fine though, just a heads up.
Preferably load Bullets 'N Lasers after every other weapon mod just in case they alter projectiles in any way.

Explosive features include:

Pulse Grenades only work on non-organic targets (vertibirds excluded, pretend they have anti-emp tech or something) and cause knockdown to everything
Most explosives have increased radius

Car nukes have increased radius & do more damage
Missiles fly much faster & have some trajectory drop
Missiles do more damage but have a smaller radius, they're anti-armor weapons after all
Nuka Grenades have increased radius & increased damage
Nuka Quantum Grenades are now superior versions of Nuka Grenades with higher damage, radius & rad damage
Fat Man explosions have a much increased radius, increased damage & causes heavy radiation, use with extreme caution!
Molotovs have slightly smaller radius, deal very little impact damage and burns targets more intensely & for longer
Baseball Grenades explode on impact and can be thrown faster and further than most grenades
Plasma Grenades have a bit wider radius
Environmental explosions have increased radius, damage & stagger (try tossing an extinguisher at en enemy and shooting it)
Nuka Nuke is the ultimate explosive weapon, only bested in raw damage by one other thing..

Homing Beacons will call down a massive devastating explosion, in vanilla it was just a regular mini nuke :| Stay well back.

Additonal craftables include:

MIRV grenades, this is a vanilla item but it was very heavily restricted to one of the Nuka World gangs for some reason
Throwable Cans, causes moderate distraction on impact
Throwing Knife, it will deal decent damage, cause bleed and benefit from all sneak attack bonuses and Big Leagues, can be 'upgraded'
^the true potential with throwing knives is in sneak attacks, you won't get much out of them in direct combat
Distraction Grenades, causes loud distraction on explosion
Quantum Bottle Grenades, lesser version of proper quantum grenades
Napalm Molotov, burns for much longer and has a bigger radius
Fire Bomb, big radius, penetrates cover and induces fear
Bouncing Betty, spawns multiple projectiles that bounce around several times and explode repeatedly
Homing Beacon, very expensive to create but will deliver utter devestation

Flamer ammo
Cannonballs & Mortar Cannonballs
Flares & custom flares
"EMP Missiles"
Convert a Fusion Core to 150 Fusion Cells, useful for players who don't use power armor much
Convert 50 Fusion Cells to 50 Cryo Cells

-Double Barrel Shotgun-
"Dragon's Breath", sets targets on fire for intense DoT damage and causes minor stagger
"Flechette", grants armor penetration
"Hunting Scope", useful for long barrels

-Missile Launcher-
"Quad Pod", replaces quad barrel and launches multiple lesser rockets per shot in a wider spread
"Fragmentation Missile", no initial explosion but splits into several grenades which explode in a much wider radius
"EMP Missiles", all the robotic devastation of a Pulse grenade with the range and speed of an RPG
"Energy Cannon", converts damage to Energy at no additional cost, useful because Energy penetrates defenses more than Physical, especially with my "Health Ranges & More" module

-Railway Rifle-
"Microbombs", causes bolts to explode on impact
"Scatter Reciever", basically a shotgun
"Improved Standard Reciever"
"Rapid Automatic Reciever"

-Flare Gun-
"Shotgun Conversion", shoots a shotgun shell, surprise!
"Combat Flares", fires multiple lesser projectiles which explode on impact, totally not the grenade pistol from KF2
"Volatile Flares", lobs a flare that explodes on impact and sends out a bunch of small projectiles that set the ground on fire for a duration
"Grenade Flares", fires a projectile that explodes on impact as a plain ol' Frag Grenade
"Lightning Flares", calls down lightning & damages through obstacles with intense DoT damage, as powerful as it is awesome

-Alien Blaster-
"Fusion Mag Improved", same as Fusion Mag but increases damage, helping it compete with other high end weapons
"Space Laser", fires fast automatic laser projectiles and uses Fusion Cells
"Space Laser Energized"

"Blunder Barrel", basically the biggest most bad-ass shotgun you'll ever wield
"Mortar", fires a very heavy projectile that will explode in a wide radius, less damage than a frag but higher utility
^fun fact, the mortar was supposed to be in vanilla but was cut, I restored it the best I could without making it too strong

"Fan the Hammer" for .44 & Western Revolver, allows you to rapid-fire with cut different animations (lacks third person animations)
".50 Receiver" for .44 & Western Revolver, time for a real hand-cannon

".50 Explosive" for Hunting Rifle, exactly what you think it is
•"Mortar" for Broadsider, fires a very heavy projectile that will explode in a wide radius, less damage than a frag but higher utility
^fun fact, the mortar was supposed to be in vanilla but was cut, I restored it the best I could without making it too strong
".308" & ".50" upgrades for Lever Action Rifle
"Sniper Scope" for Tesla Rifle, just a basic scope for use with the sniper barrel attachment
"Mini-Vertibird Barrel" for Minigun, highly ammo efficient, splash radius and very fun to use
"Snake Receiver" for Deliverer, adds additional non-stacking DoT Poison damage with no downsides but requires good perks to create
"Beam Splitter" for Gatling Laser, oh yes
"Plasma Bomb Barrel", casts small plasma bombs which explodes on impact causing instant and DoT damage, uses custom ammo for balancing

Feel free to give feedback on any weapons or modifications I could improve, balancing or general ideas.

---[Other Unbogus Modules]---

- All-in-One
- Melee

- Health Scaling
- Health Ranges & More
- Lunchboxes
- Grub 'N Drugs
- Perks *also contains various misc changes

---[Highly recommended mods]---

- Start Me Up to quickly get into a fresh character
- Arbitration for better combat AI & harder stealth
- Critcal Hits Outside VATS for if you don't really use VATS like myself
- Bullet Time for the same as above, combine it with FO4 Hotkeys and you're golden
- Rebalancer (outdated but still mostly functional) for various changes like XP sources, limb regen speed, carry weight, fall damage etc
- Loot Logic & Reduction for much better loot and less ammo & meds, if you want something very drastic instead check out Loot Overhaul
- Better Low Health for more intense combat situations & awareness, 35% version recommended
- Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance for tailoring the difficulty to your liking, I personally like 0.5 dealt and 2.0 recieved
- Intense Realistic Gun Sounds for a much better schüt experience
- Commonwealth Warfare Explosions for much better EXPLOSIONS
- Legendary Modifier Rebalance for more interesting and generally better balanced legendary effects, only 'Survival' version recommended
^place before my mod if you want to keep the few legendary changes of my mod
- Pip-Boy Flashlight for having a flashlight at all times instead of the dinky omni-light, very recommended

- Settler Sandbox Expansion for having less braindead settlers
- True 3D Audio for greatly improved sound quality, do not use if you play third person for whatever reason
- Place Everywhere for building your settlements the way YOU want