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v11 is out! Updated for 1.9! Totally removes distance fog from interiors. Reduces outdoor fog during clear weather. All DLC Support! Now includes Darker Nights compatibility!

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FogOut removes the extra distance fog from Fallout 4!
This mod does not affect particle fog.

FogOut Interiors - Interior distance fog is completely disabled by setting cells to have Fog Near to 0 and Fog Far to -1. This mod causes the interior distance fog to not be drawn at all. There shouldn't be any compatibility issues with weather or dark night mods with this part of the mod.

FogOut Exterior - Exterior distance fog is reduced during clear weather by setting cells to have Fog Near to 6000 and Fog Far to 600000, (default is 3000/250000). There is optional Darker Nights compatibility plugins during install, but only if you have all DLC installed.

has been built with version 1.9 of the game and includes fixes from the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.

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