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!!!ATTENTION: THIS MOD IS NOW OBSOLETE!!! I highly recommend that you use my new mod "Dynamic Interior Fog Removal".

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FogOut - Official DLC Compatibility Patches

Update: !!!ATTENTION: THIS MOD IS NOW OBSOLETE!!! I highly recommend that you use my new mod "Dynamic Interior Fog Removal" found here.

The FogOut mod author seems to have gone inactive for a while and has not updated his mod recently, and with the new Automatron DLC having come out some incompatibility problems are now present. I have decided to make this patch as I still want to be able to use the amazing FogOut mod, and would like to share this simple fix for those who need it. If 
g10stpdr returns then I presume he will make his own patch, but for the time being this one can be used.

The patch fixes the issues with disappearing meshes such as floors and walls in the General Atomics Factory. The patch plugin passes on the new interior cell data from the Automatron DLC to to the FogOut mod, thus eliminating any incompatibility. Let me know if the patch fixed your issues or not in the comments section, for me it fixed all the problems I was having with the disappearing walls and floors.

-Automatron DLC: DLCRobot.esm
-Far Harbor DLC: DLCCoast.esm
-FogOut v6: FogOut.esp

Simply use NMM or drop manually in the Data folder, and make sure that the patch plugin is activated and below its designated master files.

-The patch has absolutely no problems with Darker Nights, just be sure to use the patch provided in the Darker Nights mod page same as before.

-Same compatibility rules that apply for the FogOut main mod also apply for this patch, although the patch just edits a few interior cells so it is very lightweight.

Credits Go To:
g10stpdr for his amazing mod "FogOut" which gets rid of all that terrible fog.
Made with FO4Edit v3.1.3