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This pack is no longer supported on current versions of Horizon.


Thank you to all the mod authors for giving us permission to merge your mods!

Current Version: 1.3.0

REQUIRES:  Horizon v1.3.1+

This mod merges weapon mods from the community and edits their stats to make them compatible with Horizon by Zawinul.

Each weapon has been integrated to the leveled list.

Weapon Pack 01 includes 16 weapons, 5 Pistols, 8 Rifles, 1 SMG, 1 Shotgun and 1 Explosive Weapon.

Each weapon has appeared in a past Fallout game making them 100% lore-friendly.

Weapon Pack 01
*Click the images to view the original mods

Version 1.2 Released!!!

Weapons are now added to the Leveled List!

New Weapon!!!


Submachine Guns

Hitman47101, for some of the animations, along with constant support and feedback, and well, just being a good friend.
Ajhakra, for the awesome Raider and Institute skins and help with the leveled list integration.
PandoraAlive for the really nice screenshots, including the hot file image! 
HyperX, or as you guys might know him, FX0x01, and IanSky for playtesting as well as the really cool SpecterDR Scope as well as sounds.
Partisan Executioner, Navaro, and Greenpeacekiller for the excellent fire and reload sounds.
MaxG3D and Haru, for providing me with some alternate sprint and equip animations.
PlayerProman (and NWI, of course) for the Insurgency aimpoint scope.
AsXas, for the memes. Check out his great M1 Garand mod here!
Everyone subscribed to my Youtube Channel that has continually supported me. This one is for you guys!
DoomSentinel for his Modular P90 model
Trophihunter for help setting up the laser sight and for allowing me to use his noise texture
Rafael de Jongh for his silencer model
r_populik for his many silencer models
Adaydr1en for many of the sights
henkspamadres for the Acog reticle from his See-through Scopes mod
Hypermetal for the ironsights 
Thanez, for the Acog model and textures
ImBrokeRU for the Eotech, Bull for the textures
Tigg for his flashlight and laser sight models
Vitalionism for the replacement red dot sight
I included a Barska sight by Odec by accident that has now been removed, I apologize, if you see this.
New World Interactive - Sounds, scopes
Overkill Studios - P90 model, barrels, etc.
Tripwire Interactive - P90 model, etc.


BAR M1918 Standalone Animations by Chad509 Covadonga BrowncoatGarrus


M1918 BAR Standalone Animations
Original BAR mod link:   http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15802/?
Chad509           -Animation-
covadonga         -Weapon art-
BrowncoatGarrus   -CK work-
Wardaddy          -Support-
NWI               -Reload sounds-

*New Animations are in the works! For now, I recommend Grab the Damn Mag by Monkatraz

Shotguns and Explosive Weapons

*New Animations are in the works! For now, I recommend Grab the Damn Mag by Monkatraz

Possible Weapons Coming in Weapon Pack 01:

Colt M1911A1 by Oh Deer

The Laser RCW by MikeMoore