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Nice clear weather 24/7, no rain or storms, with lighting that's easy on the eyes for long hours of gaming, now featuring more upper clouds and new cloud patterns.

Permissions and credits
Simply Better Weather
Better Weather 24/7

What's new in SBW v9:

13 unique global weathers.
4 brighter nights options and 4 darker nights options.

Better lighting, better clouds, more variety than any version before.

* Lighting designed for long hours of gaming without straining your eyes.
* No rain or storms, no weather related damage of any kind.
* Replaces all default weather and exterior bodies of water.

* Weather will change every: max. 8hrs - min. 24hrs
* More upper clouds and new cloud patterns thanks to help from my friend Cancerous1.
* Radiation has been removed from all exterior bodies of water, water retains it's healing effect.
* Fixes Forest Grove Marsh water level.
* SBW will give most users a boost in
FPS. (No God Rays.)
**All screenshots shown are taken with Fog Remover II installed using the "Recommended" option. (Included as option in SBW v9 installers.)
* Use Useful Combinations - Fallout4Custom.ini to turn off the character light/glowing effect seen on NPC's at night or use the console command: Cl off
* Easily adjust world lighting & brightness levels. (Guide available in Misc. downloads & Comments section.)
* No ENB or other video tweaks required.

Recommended Additions:
Use Flicker Fixer to fix most of the exterior flickering aka z-fighting in the game.
Use Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II to remove interior fog, mist, steam, dust and airborne debris while giving you a boost in performance and FPS.

Use my Radiation Removers mod to remove all environmental radiation.
Use Puddle Remover Plus to remove water puddles, mud puddles, blood puddles, seagull droppings and the dirt clouds from NPC footsteps.
Glass's Mods Pack - All my mods in one download.

SBW v9 is not compatible with other weather mods.

Load Order Tip:
Anywhere in your Load Order is fine.

Install / Uninstall:

This mod can be installed or uninstalled at any time without harming your save games.
All files are in FOMOD Installers. Install using your favorite mod manager.

Check it out: Nexus member Jimmy "I Luv SBW" Cliff wrote a song about this mod!

Please check out the Permissions and Credits for a list of "Credits and Thanks".
And don't forget to come back and give us and endorsement if you like this mod.

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