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This mod add a fully driveable motorcycle in the Commonwealth

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Presentation :
This mod add a new driveable motorcycle with special features !

Player's commands at the chemistry station / Motorcycle workbench
Motorcycle customization at the Motorcycle workbench

Location :

Diamond City entrance
Load Order :
Conflict with:
Brahmin companion
Automatically lowered weapon (cause missing head)
Install :

Drag and drop everything into your data folder

Known bugs :

Mod don't work in 1st person (no left/right) unless you use a specific [Camera] settings in the ini file.

short concept video:

Credits :
Everything in this mod is scratch made or edited by me (the motorcycle's base meshes and clean/dirty textures was made by Bethesda)
Thanks to ShadeAnimator for F4AK
Thanks to MaikCG for F4Biped
Thanks to 7iger for his excellent clean and dirty textures
Thanks to Ja1ine for her excellent rusty textures

My Other Mods :

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Videos :
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