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Adds a bunch of working table lamps to the settlement workbench.

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Working Table Lamps


  • I added 7 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. lamps in two versions each (with shade/shadeless), so 14 new objects total. I'm very happy with them, hope you like them too! (And yes, I am aware that the Agility guy looks a bit like a pole dancer ^^.)
  • Fixed a tiny cosmetic problem with the glow of the wide lamp shade.

  • Glow issue solved! (Thanks ccmads for the tip!)

Future Plans:
  • Various bottle lamps. For decorating bars and such.
  • Vases. There are 5 shapes in 3+ designs. So there will be some choices.
  • Various junk items (Mini Nuke shell, bowling pin, gnomes?).
  • I will look into texture editing and see if I can do something with those lamp shades.
  • If I can figure out script mods I will enable these lamps to be switched on or off.


This mod adds 17 working table lamps to the Power > Lights category of the settlement workshop. More specifically, these are 5 basic types of lamps in several variations, like clean/dirty and with or without a lamp shade. Most of these, you will have seen in the base game as junk items or in the prologue. I converted them into working lamps based on the shadeless blue table lamp and the yellow table lamp from the Wasteland Workshop DLC (I did not include these 2 varieties of those lamps in my mod). I am almost 100% certain, that I removed all dependencies to that DLC, however, if you play without the DLC and experience any problems with my mod, please comment.

There is a mesh of a table lamp with a rocket as a base buried within the base game files. There is no texture to go along with that mesh (or at least I could not find it) but based on that idea I merged the toy rocket with a table lamp and I like the result very much.


__KNOWN ISSUES__________________________________________

All lamp shades that are a different shape from that of the yellow table lamp have a permanent glow (see images). I don't know why that is (I suspect problems while im- or exporting the mesh to the modelling software) or how to fix it (if you do, please tell!). This is only noticable, if the lamps are off. So I recommend to always power those lamps up. I will bring the mod out of alpha status if I manage to fix this issue.

__MY OTHER MODS_________________________________________

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Tools: FO4EditBAENifSkope, 3DS MAX with Nif plugin