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MAD THANKS to all the folks who helped me get 1,000 endorsements. I truly appreciate it. 


What this mod do?
All this mod does is add 35 Starcores in Star Control in the Galactic Zone. They are to the left (as you are looking at it) of the panel where they all get placed.

This, I found out after playing it, is a HUGE cheat! It can basically end the entire quest to secure the Galactic Zone in moments. Just grab them all, place them in the appropriate slots, and Bob's Your Uncle, the quest is over, you have the coolin Quantum Power Armor, and then just plant your flag. BOOM! DONE! The mic has been dropped.

What you "could" miss out on is ALL the XP. If you SPOILER ALERT ... access the compy and set the robots to stand down, ALL the robots become friendly. Including the ones inside the buildings. I gotta say having them in the zone and friendly (cept the ones killed getting to the Port) was kinda cool though. Different anyway. 

IMPORTANT STUFF: I did not remove ANY Starcores from the map. I just added these all in a pile in the Port (prolly shoulda put them in a box or something. Oh well. Perhaps in 1.5) So you "could" just use these to get the annoying ones that always give you grief, or that you just forgot to grab from a given area. It's really up to you. 

Have fun all.   

(pssst, throw an endorsement if ya dig it. Danke)