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UCO: Unified Clothing Overhaul expands your options for customizing clothing & armor:

* UPGRADE ALL clothes, armor, hats, helmets, bandana's & glasses with BALLISTIC WEAVE* & Linings
* LAYER Armor pieces can be worn over all clothing & armor. Additional items can be worn together (eg gasmask + helmet, glasses + bandana + helmet).
* COLOR SWAP - change color of armor, vaultsuits, hats, bandanas & other clothing- an "INVISIBLE" option is available for non-head armor that allows you to wear it and gain the benefits without the look
* DECAL SWAP / VAULT NUMBER SWAP - change the decal on your combat armor/minuteman generals uniform or your vaultsuit number (or make blank)
* LEGENDARY SWAP - move legendary effects from one item* to another including items that don't normally have legendary abilities like hats/bandana's/vaultsuits/glasses
* TYPE SWAP - change most armor pieces between light/sturdy/heavy variants
* IMMERSIVE CRAFTING - many armor and clothing items (including gloves and wigs) can now be crafted at the AWKCR Armorsmithing workstation. Some items are available automatically (with appropriate perks and resource requirements) while further recipes are unlocked by game play (quest completion and companion affinity) so check the list frequently.
* Equip any item on Valentine & any hat on Strong


****AWKCR (either the All DLC version or the No-DLC version + the plugins for each DLC you have installed) MUST be active and above all UCO components in the load order before installing or updating UCO****
* There are DLC plugins for UCO for Automatron, Far Harbor, Vault-Tec Workshop, and Nuka-World. Ensure you have these installed below the (Base Game) component of UCO.
* There are also "UCO Plugin:" mods available which add further options. These should be installed below UCO (Base Game) & UCO (DLC' plugins) in your load order.
* Legendary effects can be moved to standard power armor pieces but legendary power armor effects will be lost if removed or if a legendary effect is applied onto the same piece.
* If 1 or more features isn't working for you check that the UCO series is AT THE BOTTOM of your load order with no other mods below it.
* Some items will show a Color Swap menu but have no options - this isn't an error it is part of the system that allows multiple mods & authors to provide swaps for items.

UCO was originally developed with XBox1 users in mind and therefore focused closely on providing a good range of customisation with the smallest file size possible. Thanks to some amazing work by Gambit77 UCO is now fully compatible with AWKCR and UCO can now be used with other AWKCR based mods (notably Armorsmith Extended) to provide an additive experience.

ANDREWCX with thanks to Gambit77 and Valdacil for AWKCR integration.