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Thirdstorm I Paints by MadMAX713 I JetPack by Jerros

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Personally I hate the look, just a quick edit of the *.nif's removing it and a modification pointing to it.
At the Request of a Few people I've figured out how to add constructable BASE linings to be a constructable option.

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Nukaworld Raider Overboss Power Armor - No Chainmesh

OK Folks asked for it... and it took more time then I want to admit, but I've figured out how to make the BASE LINING constructable as an option!!!!

It required a number of new Keywords, added to both the base lining, the base armor etc.
To prevent 
Overboss Colter from Spawning with No-ChainMesh as default (Cannot figure out why it was happening) I added temp rules as well.

As a Bonus I've added a Jetpack for the Power Armor as well, making sure the clipping was at a minimum and lined up the best I could. 

Simple, clean, better... unless you like tetanus I guess.

You can have this....

Rather than this hot mess

Before you ask...

Paints are modded and ported over from Raider Overhaul WIP by MadMAX713...
Patches for that are available if you use my Raider Overhaul Patches linked below 

Have Two Craftabe  2LM version of the Overboss Power Armor up

Legendary Modification Continued - Effect Chip Modes - DLC's with 2LM support 

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Jetpack is in Beta
She is Live!