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Adds functional binoculars to the game.

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PreWar Binoculars
This mod adds some much needed binoculars to the game. No more wondering if that distant NPC is friendly or not!

They are upgradeable to allow for variable zoom or night vision, and recon functionalities. The night vision can be toggled on and off by firing while you have a battery loaded. Batteries can be bought at ammo vendors, or crafted if you are using AWKCR. You only need one battery, they do not run out (as of yet).

I have tried to keep the upgrades balanced and as such NV and recon require Gun Nut and Science 1.

Xbox version here.

Update V2.1.1
  • Nothing exciting, just cleaning a unneeded cell edit up.

Update V2.1.0
  • Now compatible with all mods adding custom animations. See tutorial for details.

Update V2.0.0 - If you are updating from V1.0.0, uninstall it before installing this one. You may also need to acquire a new pair of binoculars if the variable zoom doesn't work.
  • Variable zoom! You can now have a variable magnification setting in the `Toggleable Slot`. The night vision attachment can now be found in this slot too.
  • Custom Animations. 1st Person animations only for now - I have yet to find a way to add 3rd person weapon animations without breaking player movement. Many thanks to ShadeAnimator for his animation kit and help.
  • AWKCR single esp. Alternative AWKCR esp no longer adds a separate plugin.
  • Alternative Overlay. Optional overlay to replace standard binoculars overlay. This is not compatible with any mod that changes ScopeMenu.swf (like Modern Scope Reticles.)
  • Fixed 3rd person. Binoculars now zoom in when in 3rd person


Magnification - There are 4 different magnification options, 2x 4x 6x and 8x.

Body - Standard prewar body, or a lighter build that is more stable and allows for NV and recon attachments.

Recon Module - Marks spotted enemies on your HUD. Requires the light weight body.

Toggleable Module - Allows you to toggle between standard view and night vision view, or set a variable zoom magnification. To toggle the attachment on/off you must have a battery loaded into the binoculars, and they you just press shoot to toggle modes. Batteries can be bought at ammo dealers. Requires the light weight body.

Where to find it

The binoculars can be found as semi-rare loot in the commonwealth, or you can usually find one at gun dealers under the weapons tab. Mayor McDonough also has a pair in his office so he can keep watch of the city.
Batteries can also be found as loot, and general stores often sell a couple too under the ammo tab. 

Alternatively, if you are using AWKCR you can craft the binoculars under the ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT category in the Weaponsmith workbench, and batteries can be crafted under ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT in the ammunition workbench.

Known issues
  • Sometimes the recon attachment will not work properly after toggling NV. To fix this you can usually just un-equip and re-equip the binoculars, but if that still doesn't fix it then throwing them on the ground and picking them back up usually works. The only case of needing to drop them I have noticed is with McDonough's binoculars though.
  • The animations are using the Alien Blaster animations for the time being, so it might look a little weird when holding the binoculars.

Future Updates
  • 3rd person animations
  • Perhaps a new model for the light weight body
  • Models for the attachments - eg. Recon module as an actual visual module on the binoculars
  • Dirtier textures option

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