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This mod provides a modified APC to use for fast travel and a little home away from home with plenty of storage.

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What it does

I created this mod as an alternative way of fast travelling mainly for survival mode but it can also be used during
normal games. The mod adds a modified APC to the commonwealth which can be used to travel to most settlements and the major cities for a total of 36 locations.
The APC comes fully equipped with plenty of storage, a bed, an autopilot and cooking facilities . The APC can now also function as mobile artillery and bombard your enemies with 6 different ammo types.
At first the APC will be parked just down the road of the red rocket from there you can go to any of the available
destinations you have discovered.

The nuka world expansion adds an additional 11 locations.
An expansion for far harbor adds the nakano residence.

Using the APC
 When you install the mod the first time you load your save you will be given a settings holotape in this you can change pretty much anything about the mod. For an explanation of all the options see the spoiler tag further down. A new holotape in case of loss can be crafted at the chemistry station.
At first the APC will be parked at the intersection near the red rocket. You can open the back of the APC using the button on the right side of the APC (near the back). Closing the tailgate when you are inside will give you rad resist equal to that of the hazmat suit.
Before you can use the APC for travel you'll need the key.
To get it look inside the APC there will be a note on the bench on the left. Take it and a scavenger will spawn and try to attack you. When you kill him he will have the key on him.
After you've got the key you can use the APC for travel by activating the front and selecting a destination. Depending on how you've set the settings the APC will consume nuclear material every time you travel with it.
On your travels the APC can develop problems such as flat tires and a broken engine. It can also be attacked when you arrive somewhere.To repair the flat tires activate the tires with a tire repair kit(crafted at the chemistry station) or some adhesive and science 3. For the engine you activate the front and a message will show allowing you to repair it if you have the required materials.
The APC has a bedroll included you can deploy it by activating the roll on the top shelf on the right.
The APC also acts as a mobile artillery cannon you can use it by crafting the APC artillery flares (signal grenades) in the chemistry station here you can also craft the ammunition used by the artillery. There are 6 different types to choose from. You have to store these in the footlocker on the top shelf (left). In the holotape you can select how you want the APC to decide which one to use.


- Provides an alternative way of fast travel in the form of an APC.
- Included sleeping bag which can be stored away (activate the roll on the top shelf).
- 36 locations available for fast travel (I might add more later). V1.9.0 adds an optional expansion to nuka world with an additional 11 locations. V2.2.2 adds an expansion for far harbor which adds the nakano residence.
- The APC comes equipped with an auto pilot which can bring the APC to a location of your shoosing after you've discovered 
   it so you can return after finding it (locations selected in the settings holotape).
- Customizable options: at the first load the mod will add a settings holotape witch allows
  you to set how locations become available and to use the autopilot. should you lose the holotape a new one can be crafted
  at the chemistry station.
- The APC uses nuclear material for fuel. This can be from any source but normal nuclear material is more efficient (think mr fusion from back to the future). Any item used for fuel is destroyed and you won't get the other components back. (fuel usage can be turned off in the options, by default it uses 1 per trip but this can be set in the options up to 5) .
- Built in seating.
- Maintenance: over time the APC may need some maintenance to keep it going
  (repairing flat tires) this can be done using the tire repair kit created in the chemistry bench or if you have science 3 you
  only need some adhesive.
- The engine can fail now so you will have to repair it before travelling again.
-  Map markers so you won't forget where you've parked.
- 5 Optional decals to replace the star on the side of the APC (Only one can be activated at a time). These will only apply to the APC's in this mod as of V2.0.0.
- Since V1.4.0 Closable tailgate which keeps out the rads when closed. (use the button above the stove)
- Since V2.0.0 the tailgate can be closed both inside and outside and is animated (button on the outside is o the sude to the right when looking at the back).
- Since V1.5.0 you are driving around in a working APC i'ts going to draw attention, you can now get attacked when you
  arrive by groups trying to take your APC for themselves.
- Since V1.6.0 you will need the key to operate the APC now (search the interior). If you're updating and want to get going use the option in the settings holotape.
- Fomod installer for optional decals.
- Since version 1.8.0 The APC can be used as mobile artillery with the ability to bombard your enemies with 6 different types of artillery shells. Ammo for these can be crafted at the chemistry station as well as the flare to direct the artillery. in the settings you can set how the ammo type is chosen. by default it picks the highest damage shell you have in the container(footlocker on the top shelf).
- V1.8.0 Ads an autosave on travel option for survival mode. This is disabled by default and can only be turned on in survival mode. I'ts located under other options in the holotape.
- V1.8.2 Added engine sounds when travelling.
- V2.0.1 adds the ability to transport your power armour in the back of the APC. This only works for the normal travel and not for the auto pilot Since V 2.1.0 it also works with the auto pilot. It will also consume twice the normal fuel.
- V2.2.0 MCM menu with additional settings. The MCM is only required if you want to use the additional options.
- V2.2.0 3 fuel types to choose from: nuclear material, oil and coolant.

Locations so far:                                                                       Nuka World locations:

Yellow = Settlments
Blue = Cities
Orange = Other
White = not done

Users guide to the settings holotape:

  • Travel settings
    • All locations without restrictions: allows you to travel to any of the available locations without havening discovered them first.
    • Only discovered locations: (Default setting), only allows travel to discovered locations.
    • Cities and only discovered settlements: always allows travel to cities and only allows settlements if you have discovered them.
    • Travel Restrictions: This allows you to lock certain groups of locations so you can't travel to them anymore. In case you feel the amount of available locations is to op.
      • Disable/Enable all cities: Self explanatory
      • Disable/Enable all cities except diamond city: Self explanatory
      • Disable/Enable all settlements: Self explanatory
      • Disable/Enable all other: Self explanatory
  • Maintenance options:
    • Toggle tire maintenance: On or off.
    • Toggle engine maintenance: On or off.
    • Toggle fuel use: sets if fuel gets used or notToggle attacks: Sets if the APC can get attacked on arrival or not.
    • Set fuel usage: Allows you to change how much nuclear material will get used up per trip.
    • Set breakdown chance:
      • Set amount of trips before breakdown: Allows you to set the amount of times you can travel without the risk of a breakdown occurring
      • Set chance of a breakdown: self explanatory
  • Auto pilot: allows you to move the APC to any of the locations remotely.[/indent]
  • Other options:
    • Skip startup quest: Allows you to skip getting the key so you can be on your way quickly after reinstalling.
    • Set APC attack on arrival chance: allows you to set how frequent attacks are on arriving at a location
    • Toggle survival sleeping bags: Toggles the negative effect for sleeping bags added by survival mode on or off. Off by default (option only appears in survival mode)
    • Toggle autosave on travel: self explanatory. disabled by default (option only appears in survival mode).
    • Toggle Engine Sounds: Self explanatory
  • Artillery settings:
    • Ammo selection: Allows you to select witch ammo type you want to use next time you fire depending on how you set the automatic selection options.
    • Toggle ammo use: self explanatory.
    • Automatic ammo selection options:
      • *Use highest damage ammo first: this will automaticly select the higest damage ammo available in the container with no further input from the player unless no ammo is present.
      • Use last selected: this will try to use the ammo that was used last if none is available it will ask again witch one to use.
      • Ask every time: Self explanatory

: Ammo type damage for automatic selection: Nuclear>Plasma>EMP>Hig explosive>Cryo>Napalm




Move the contents of the Main Files folder in your data folder. If you want an optional decal Move the contents of the corresponding folder to your data folder. If you want the source scripts they are in the Source Scripts folder.If you want the nuka world addon then you also have to move the contents the DLC addons/Nuka World folder to the data folder.

If after upgrading to a newer version you experience problems a possible fix is to make a clean save:
- Make sure no important items are in the containers or they will disappear
- in NMM disable the esp
- load your latest save.
- make a new save
- Back in NMM enable the esp again
- load the save you made before it should now work 

If you have the main version of the mod installed and want to install the expansion you need to make a clean save or none of the added locations will work.

The mod is compatible with spring cleaning but you have to install the Spring cleaning compatibility patch and load it's esp after this mod's esp.
There is a conflict with global workshop. If you have this installed and store items in the stove these items will seem to dissapear when travelling to goodneighbour (and possibly others). The items aren lost but you just won't be able to acces them at goodneighbour. Most other locations seem unnafected.

This mod could conflict with mods that increase the settlement borders because the APC's were placed outside of the
  vanilla settlement borders.


PCDug for his HIGHWAYMAN - Personal Car Fast Travel mod which inspired me to make this mod.

Bethesda for fallout 4 and the creation kit.

vlitS and TrickyVein for helping me troubleshoot the animated .nif


I left the source scripts in the archive for anyone to use. you are allowed to use these in any way you like
just give credit if you do. Do keep in mind that this is my first mod so there might be better ways of doing things.
Xbox version has been uploaded here.
You are not
permitted to reupload this mod anywhere.