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A small decoration mod allowing you to use some of the Far Harbor objects in your settlement.

Permissions and credits
-This mod makes some items from the Far Harbor dlc buildable with the workshop. All items were added to the Decorations>Misc category, and don't cost anything to build.

Buildable Objects:
-2 Angler Plants
-3 Red Pine Trees
-3 Pine Tree Clusters
-1 Fog Condensor
-2 Garden Gnomes
-1 Fish Weight Scale
-1 Boiling Tank
-1 Periodic Table Poster
-1 Large Sail Boat
-1 Small Sail Boat
-1 Shipwrecked Stern
-1 Shipwrecked Hull
-3 Vim Bottles
-1 Tent Bed
-3 Memory Bank Terminals
-1 Blight Shroom

Exctract Esp file to your data folder and enable it.

-recommend Getting the "Place Everywhere" mod, so you can place the objects however you want.

-Far Harbor DLC

1.1 - added -2 Spike Clusters -17 Buoy Decorations -2 Fish Nets
1.2 - added crafting components to all items
1.3 - Added 3 skull light bowls - 3 prefab loadscreen arts - 1 singular glow bulb
1.4 - fixed missing objects
1.5 - removed duplicate buoy decor
1.6 - added 5 fusion candles -1 whale bone set
1.7 - added 1 beached whale and 1 info board, and made the gnomes and vim bottles static
1.8 - added 2 hanging deer
1.9 - added 2 beach umbrellas

-Periodic poster,Blight shroom, Angler plant, and tree clusters are hard to place without the "Place Everywhere" mod.
-Blight Shrooms, and candles don't produce light.