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Adds more functionality to the Raider Power Armor.

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Warning: If you use my Raider Overhaul, do NOT download this, everything in this mod is included in the Raider Overhaul Update. This is for people who want my power armors, but nothing else included in the Raider Overhaul. 

When Fallout 4 was published, it seemed like the Raider Power Armor was underdeveloped or unfinished. Files had misspellings, there were only 2 linings, no paint mods, etc. With this mod my goal is to add everything the RPA was denied. 

I've meticulously designed a bunch of new paint jobs for the RPA. The first, standard lining is more rusty, brown, and uglier, but every lining after the first is cleaner and sharper, just like the other PA variants. The Hot-Rodder paints behave exactly like the others, and are unlockable with each Hot-Rodder magazine, and when all pieces are painted, increase Agility. My custom paints however, introduce even more versatility. The Detritus Paint, for example, increases healing rate, very slightly, with each subsequent piece painted. The Rad Storm Paint, with every piece painted, gradually heals radiation damage over time. 

Now instead of only 2 armor linings, the RPA has 6, A through F, just like every other Power Armor variant. It has a special place among other power armors. While other armor variants may have more energy resistance, or overall damage resistance, the Raider Power Armor has an incredible amount of health, and can be patched with some duct tape and spare steel. What the RPA lacks in overall defense, it makes up for with its shear welded-steel durability.

No longer will the RPA be bound to the ground. I've included a custom Jetpack to get you airborne. And that's not all, Ive' also included a couple more mods specific to the RPA. Introduce the nearest settler to the new Gamma Bracers. They're the counter-part to the T-60's Tesla Bracers, and deal a delicious amount of raw radiation damage to those who are not immune. 

Lastly, I've gone through and added complete leveled list integration so that raiders and raider bosses will now spawn with the different tiers of RPA. I've also added all correct instance naming rules so that the correct name will always be displayed.

Simply use the Nexus Mod Manager, or if your feeling saucy, download manually, and drag and drop the contents into your Data Folder.

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