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NexusAU and gir489

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A Holotape Cheat Menu that lets you add Caps, Stimpaks, any of the Crafting Materials, SPECIAL Points and More!
Also available for Xbox One on Bethesda.net

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Fallout 4 - Cheat Terminal
Formerly known as Cheat Menu (Ultimate Holotape Menu)

This is a complete redesign of my Cheat Menu, remade by gir489. He has put a tremendous amount of work into this mod and basically improved everything I ever had in my version.
Many new features have been implemented which I could never do before like God Mode for both PC and Consoles as well as infinite ammo and a lot more. So huge thanks to gir489 for the work he’s done and look forward to future updates.

The holotape is automatically added to your inventory.
Make sure the mod is enabled in your load order.
If the holotape isn't in your inventory, uninstall the mod, load a save and then save again, then reinstall the mod.

Instalation Instructions

- God Mode
- Infinite Ammo
- Infinite Carry Weight
- Infinite AP
- Easy Lockpicking
- One Shot Kill
- Always Get Critical Hits
- Always Get Epic Items
- Increase Chem Strength
- Perfect VATS Accuracy
- Change Weather
- Edit Character Anywhere
- Spawn Workbenches
- Containers to Hold Items in your Inventory
- Add Caps
- Add Weapons + DLC Weapons
- Add Ammunition
- Add Armor
- Add Clothing
- Add Weapon + Armor Mods
- Add Legendary Effects to Weapons + Armor
- Add Crafting Materials
- Add SPECIAL Points
- Add Perk Points
- Add Levels (Instant Level-Up)
- Add Perk Magazines
- Add Misc Magazines (Paintjobs, Workshop Items etc.)
- Add Quest Items (Technical Documents etc.)
- Add S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points
- Teleport to Dev Testing Locations (QASmoke)
- Teleport to Custom Markers
- Teleport to Automatron Locations
- Teleport to Far Harbor Locations
- Spawn Creature Companions
- Spawn Settlers
+ More!

9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power)
Assault Carbine
G36 Complex
RU556 - Assault rifle
M1 Garand
M60 Light Machinegun
MG42 and MG34
IMI .50AE Desert Eagle
RPD - Machine Gun
Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle
HK G3 Family
Wattz Laser Gun
Alien Assault Rifle
FACTOR - Modular Rifle
PL-14 'Lebedev'

Also available on Bethesda.net Mods for PC and Xbox Players: 
PC: Bethesda.net | Cheat Terminal Mod
Xbox One: Bethesda.net | Cheat Terminal [Xbox One] Mod