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Survival mode game save alternatives

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Update 2.2
Update 2.2 now includes MCM functionality for changing mod settings, and a FOMOD installer for selecting extra options when installing the mod with a mod manager. I would recommend uninstalling the previous version of the mod in the holotape options before installing the new version of the mod. NOTE: the settings holotape has been removed in this version as all holotape functionality has been moved to MCM.

So you've just woken up to another day in the wasteland. You have some breakfast, build a new scope for your favourite sniper rifle, and gear up for another day of exploration. Before heading out you have a quick nap... 

Wouldn't it be great if you could skip that early morning nap? You've only just woken up after all. That's where Sleep Or Save comes in. By adding a save function to beds it retains the "beds as a save point" functionality of survival mode, while making survival gameplay just a little more convenient.

  • Adds a save option to beds
  • Optional full save setting
  • Optional saving at owned beds
  • Optional adrenaline penalty (lowers by 1 when saving - on by default)
  • Does not work while in combat
  • Allows saving while wearing power armour
  • Does not trigger a needs update
  • Uninstall friendly


  • A new chem that saves your game upon consuming it
  • Made at the chemlab with 1x Jet and 1x Mentats
  • Cannot be used in combat
  • Recipe can be disabled through holotape settings menu
  • Cleanly removed when the uninstall option is used

  • Fallout 4 v1.5.151 or higher

  • Try running the "Reset Mod" function in the MCM menu


  • This does not change any vanilla forms or files, so should be compatible with everything

  • Unpack the mod to your data directory
  • OR
  • Download with a mod manager and let it handle it for you

  1. Open the Sleep Or Save settings in the MCM menu
  2. Select the "Uninstall Mod" option
  3. Save your game
  4. Remove the mod


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