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Adds 18 portable and retrievable turrets that unleash heck on your enemies!
Now also adds 11 new turrets to your workshop!

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Hello, this mod is the...

This mod is no longer receiving support. You are welcome to use any part of
this mod in a new mod, or to improve, fix or modify this mod without needing to seek permission or credit me.

This mod allows you to craft and use new portable, Deployable Turrets!
They can now be deployed and reused as much as you want!
Here, allow me to demonstrate...

There are versions that adds sorting tags in compliance of
Better Item Sorting and Valdacil's Item Sorting included in the FOMOD installer.
The original B.I.S. patch was created by DRunkCoWBoy69!

There are a total of 18 turrets in this pack. There are 7 turrets from vanilla and 11 unique turrets.
Here is how they work.

Using them:
They can be crafted at any Chemistry Station under the new category of TURRETS.
They can be expensive, and will require certain perks to craft more powerful turrets.
Once crafted they will be added to your inventory under WEAPONS, and will act as mines.
You can equip them like a mine, and when you're ready to use them you can throw them like one.

When you deploy them they will take from you an allotment of ammo for them to use.
Indeed, they consume ammo as they fire, they don't have unlimited ammunition.
They will, of course, attack on sight any aggressor to the player, hopefully dealing with them swiftly.
When you have a turret deployed you can run up to it and "Activate" it, opening a menu.

The Interaction Menu:
Pick Up - Removes the turret and returns unspent ammo. Turrets must not be broken to be picked up.
Reload - If a turret runs out of ammo, then you can simply reload it with another allotment of ammo.
Repair - Turrets must be repaired when damaged into a broken state, though all repairs are now free.
Cancel - Allows you to close the menu while doing nothing to the turret in the slightest. What a feature.

More on Repairs:
When a turret is damaged enough, it will enter a broken state. To have it continue fighting, or to put it back in your inventory, it must be repaired. Simply activate it (the selection option will be missing, but it can still be used) and select repair. It will take several seconds, but eventually the turret will begin operating again. You can also repair turrets before they are broken to quickly recover their health. All repairs are now free.

Ammunition Allotments:
As mentioned before, there are 18 different turrets, each needing a type of ammo and have a different allotment of ammunition they can take when deployed. The allotment of ammunition is the maximum you can load into it in a single action, not the maximum it can hold. This includes deploying it and reloading it. If you want to fill it with as much ammo as you have, you have to keep reloading it, even in the middle of combat.

Other Notes:
Each turret is very heavy in your inventory, with more powerful turrets being heavier than the last.
If you deploy a turret and forget it, it should persist and be reclaimable long after deployment.
Companions and other NPCs can't deploy turrets, so feel free to make them carry them around.
You can install an AWKCR patch within the installer, making turrets craftable at it's Weaponsmith Workbench.

-Types of Turrets-
Here are details on the different turrets:

Spotlight - No Ammo - No Ammunition - Technically not a turret, but will track enemies with its light.
.38 Machinegun Turret - .38 Rounds - Allotment 300 - A rusty, cheap turret that uses plentiful ammo.
Machinegun Turret - 5mm Rounds - Allotment 300 - A light, but flimsy gas powered turret. A good start.
Heavy Machinegun Turret - 5mm Rounds - Allotment 300 - A more durable, yet affordable ballistic turret.
Laser Turret - Fusion Cells - Allotment 300 - An energy based counterpart of the machinegun turret.
Gamma Turret - Gamma Rounds - Allotment 100 - A radiation spewing alternative to lasers or bullets.
Plasma Turret - Plasma Cartridge - Allotment 300 - Fires a nice balance of ballistic and energy damage.
Shotgun Turret - Shotgun Shells - Allotment 100 - For stubborn boyfriends, its a full auto rain of terror.
Assault Turret - 5.56 Rounds - Allotment 300 - For a little more firepower then your standard
Minigun Turret - 5mm Rounds - Allotment 1000 - If you saw my demonstration, you saw what this can do.
Flamer Turret - Flamer Fuel - Allotment 1000 - A bit short range, but will help you burn that extra fuel.
Cryo Turret - Cryo Cells - Allotment 250 - Also has short range, but anyone caught by this won't run far.
Railway Turret - Railway Spikes - Allotment 100 - Steam powered freedom and justice for one and all.
Heavy Laser Turret - Fusion Cells - Allotment 1000 - If you had cells to spare, this will burn them quickly.
Gauss Turret - 2mm EC - Allotment 200 - Magnetically driving metal into skulls across the Commonwealth.
Cannon Turret - Cannonballs - Allotment 50 - Based on the Broadsider, it's a full auto cannon basically.
Missile Turret - Missiles - Allotment 50 - Every settlement's deadliest weapon, now your second deadliest.
Fat Man Turret - Mini Nukes - Allotment 10 - Your new deadliest weapon...use with extreme caution.

-Workshop Turret Pack-
The Workshop Turret Pack is now an integrated feature that allows you to build the 11 unique turrets not found in the vanilla game at any settlement workshop. This includes the .38 Machinegun Turret, Gamma Turret, Plasma Turret, Assault Turret, Minigun Turret, Railway Turret, Gauss Turret, Cannon Turret, and Fat Man Turret. Turrets built at the workshop will be far cheaper to produce than their deployable counterparts and will have unlimited ammo. However, most will require power and will, of course, be stationary. They will all be located under DEFENCE > TURRETS at any workshop and will still require their respective perks to craft.

-Further Reading-
The Deployable Turrets mod was originally an addon to my other mod, the Grenade Expansion Pack. After it showed a very positive reception, I wanted to make it its own mod so that it may get more exposure as its own thing, instead of just being a set of grenades. I didn't really have a good enough excuse till a user named Wenderer helped me script the retrieval code for my mod Camping Supplies, which opened my eyes on how to do something similar with Deployable Turrets. Really, I haven't touched scripting much before this, mostly because I had thought it was an extreme chore for advanced modders, but once I discovered it was easier than I thought, I asked Wenderer if I could use his script as a base for an upgrade to my turrets. He agreed luckily, so here we are! I will say, it's changed quite a bit since then, but I still want to give him credit for helping me. Without him most of the features in this mod wouldn't have happened, so thanks Wenderer!


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Original retrieval script - Wenderer
Original Better Item Sorting [Tags] patch - DRunkCoWBoy69

Tools Used:
Creation Kit - Plugin creator and editor
FO4Edit - Plugin creator and editor
3DS Max - 3D model creator editor
NifSkope - NIF model viewer and editor
Caprica - Script compiler
Champollio - Script decompiler
Deba2 and B.A.E. - BA2 archive extractor
FOMOD Creation Tool - For making the installer

For making it this far, I'll tell you of a secret. With a special holotape, hidden in a cave under the Red Rocket Station outside Sanctuary, you can disable ammo consumption on all turrets! It's a secret to everybody!

Thank you everyone for looking at this mod!
I hope you try it and enjoy it!