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jet4571 and Elianora

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It's Immersive!

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I turned the toilet paper roll around. That's it to make the most immersive mod ever! I had to make the esp for the replacer because for some reason the game refused to use the new version in the prewar player home.

Homemaker version available in the optional files.

This is a mod resource, do with it as you will, just give credits for the mesh change is all I ask.

Versions and update info:

V1.0 Initial release.
V1.01 Made the rest of them immersive instead of just the player home.
V1.01 Added a version that requires Far Harbor.
V1.02 Added Immersive textures by Elianora.

Compatibility and required files:

Requires: FO4

No known incompatibilities.


Use NMM or...

1. Unzip/unrar to any location.
2. Copy contents into your Data folder.

Mod Use Permission:

Requires credits to use.

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