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Makes recon scopes actually worth unlocking.

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Fixed the flickering corpses! Forgot to check the No Death Dispel flag so dead bodies would get stuck in an infinite loop of casting, then dispelling because they're dead, then casting again....Well anyway now they should be a nice solid Blue.

UPDATE: 1.2 is a fix for the vanilla issue that would sometimes cause otherwise neutral npcs to lose their shit and charge at you as if you are talking about how much of a whore their great, great, great grandmother was when you knew her back in the day. This is because the game tells them that detecting them with the Targeting HUD is more or less a hostile act, so I guess their feelings are hurt or something...Anyway that shouldn't happen anymore.
If you already have a fix for this bug and you are using the Colour Coded version you will still need this update because I had to edit records unique to this mod to fix it.

Before I begin, I want to direct you to UnPlumbob - Recon Scope Markers Removed by Arpaleggia. It's a nice little mod that keeps that leviathan of a marker from appearing over your enemies' heads and in the compass whenever you aim a recon scope at them. Now that I've been playing with it for a while I consider it essential if you're going to be using my mod. So go download and endorse it if your sick of giant red diamonds everywhere.

On to the description...

You know when I first read the description for the recon scope, I expected by "tracks enemies" that it meant something like the thermal optics from that sexy "Project Nevada" mod for New Vegas. Imagine my surprise when I peered into that light static for the first time only to find out that the only thing my expensive new high tech scope could do was make all my enemies look like sims before I send a bullet through their brain that causes their legs to implode. I mean, it would be more helpful if those little red diamonds appeared above them before I point my gun at them but oh well, I guess Bethesda just believes that a recon scope, which happens to be the most difficult to unlock, the scope to beat all scopes in the Commonwealth, should not really be any better than say, a night scope at well, y'know...reconnaissance.

I mean come on Beth, give me a reason to stick this lego brick on my beautiful rifle. What's that? Modders will fix it? Why do I get the feeling that'll be said a lot in the future?....Well if you say so...Here is what I whipped up for my own game: Basically I've added the Power Armour Targeting HUD effect to Recon Scopes so you'll easily be able find all those raider junkies who need you to help them with their suicide, why else would they run at you with a baseball bat when you have a .50cal?

Big thanks to Gopher and Zerodomai Kitsune for featuring my mod! :D

Now, the new version has included colour coded npcs (Hostile, Friendly and Dead), mainly because I've recently started using Targeting HUD Enhanced and I really notice the way everyone turns from green to red when I use a Recon Scope with a Targeting HUD equipped when I'm running both our mods. So naturally, I am going to make you all suffer for my inability to just deal with and accept this. Or you could just not download it, and download the "Everyone Red" version instead. P.S. I recommend you download that other mod though, it really fits well with the colour coded version. (Load my mod after his to avoid conflicts)

A couple of notes

After you put your scope down the effect will stay for about a second. This is because the game takes a second to finish dispelling the effect and probably can't be fixed without official tools.

That said, even though FO4Edit is an extremely useful program, and it's creators are a gift to mankind, it is still considered in it's experimental stages so I must tell you now that I absolutely cannot accept responsibility if my mod causes your pc to create a dimensional rift that unleashes a deathclaw upon you and everyone you care about (although I will feel terrible for the rest of my life).

BS Defence

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