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Reverts the fix to the Mister Sandman perk added in the official 1.4 update, so you can get your 6.3x sneak attack bonus back :)

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So, the way the sneak attack damage multipliers were applied in the Mister Sandman, Ninja and Cloak & Dagger perks were a bit broken on release (the bonus you ended up with was different depending on the order in which you got the perks). The community fixed it by changing the Ninja perk, thereby ensuring you always got the maximum 6.3x bonus.

Bethesda has apparently decided that was the wrong fix ;)

Instead, in the official 1.4 update they altered the Mister Sandman perk with the result that the maximum multiplier is 4.8x

I've reverted the perk to it's pre-1.4 form, so now you can have 6.3x again :D


I know it could be argued that Bethesda is 'right', it's their game, and the way they fixed it in 1.4 is the way it should be, but that's why we have mods :D

You'll need a mod that fixes the Ninja perk like Ninja fix, or else you'll get the old unreliable bonus stacking problem as before.


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As there were no official tools for Fallout 4 when I made this mod, these plugins/ESPs have been made in FO4Edit

So, use at your own risk!


Bethesda for the buggy mess game we all love!
The FO4Edit team for allowing us to fix it!